British Organisations Hit By ‘More Online Attacks Than Ever Before’

Top U.S. Cities for Online Fraud

In light of the news today regarding a report from NCSC and NCA that found British organisations have been hit by ‘more online attacks than ever before’, Paul Farrington, Manager: EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode commented below. Paul Farrington, Manager: EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode: “As our dependency on software continues to grow, this creates a greater surface […]

Ransomware Still A Top Cybersecurity Threat

A new report by Verizon revealed that ransomware is the most common type of malware, found in 39 percent of malware-related data breaches – double that of last year’s DBIR – and accounts for over 700 incidents. What’s more, Verizon’s analysis show that attacks are now moving into business critical systems, which encrypt file servers or databases, […]

Outdated Security Solutions Are Putting Businesses At Risk Of Evolved Cyberthreats

The evolution of cyberthreats calls for evolution in cybersecurity The latest trends in cybercrime have seen it all — advanced exploits allegedly developed by high-profile threat actors used in massive ransomware attacks, creativity of spam and phishing attacks on trending topics, and attacks relying heavily on social engineering or legitimate software used as cyber weapons. This evolution […]

Government Launches New Cybersecurity Centre At London’s Olympic Park

Following news that the Government are launching a new cybersecurity centre at London’s Olympic park. They hope the new centre will be a catalyst for growing tech cluster and could help create 2,000 UK jobs in cybersecurity. IT security experts commented below. Paul Farrington, Director, EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode: “We are pleased to see […]

How Businesses Can Stay Protected In Light Of NCSC’s Findings

The findings from the annual report of the National Cyber Security Centre today revealed that UK businesses are facing a growing threat from cyber-attacks. In response to this, please see comment below from David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below.  David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “Businesses come in all shapes and […]

Thieves Are Now Hacking Keyless Cars

A number of cars have been identified as the most vulnerable to have their key fobs hacked in ‘keyless’ car thefts. The method involves using two relatively-cheap devices to ‘trick’ a vehicle into thinking its entry fob is nearby. Art Dahnert, Managing Consultant at Synopsys commented below. Art Dahnert, Managing Consultant at Synopsys: “A relay box is used to capture […]