Positive Technologies Research: Banking And Finance Were The Most Vulnerable Web Applications in 2017

New report provides statistics on web application vulnerabilities, based on client security audits performed with PT Application Inspector in 2017 Positive Technologies has announced its latest report from its own audits of web application security: Web Application Vulnerabilities in 2017. The results, collated through the security firm’s automated source code analysis through the PT Application Inspector, detected […]

New Accenture Study Finds 87 Per Cent Of Focused Cyberattacks Are Prevented

Yet, organisations still experience 30 cyber breaches per year, signalling need for more investment in innovative technologies to further improve cyber resilience With ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the rise, the average number of focused cyberattacks per organisation has more than doubled this year compared to the previous 12 months (232 […]

2018 Privileged Access Threat Report

Bomgar has announced the findings of its 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report, a global survey that explores the visibility, control, and management that IT organisations in the U.S. and Europe have over employees, contractors, and third-party vendors with privileged access to their IT networks. This year’s report found that external threats are not the main concern […]

Sonatype Survey Reveals Massive Data Breaches Are Catalysts For DevSecOps Investment

While application breaches jumped 55%, emerging DevSecOps practices grew 15% Sonatype, the leader in open source governance and DevSecOps automation, today published findings from its fifth annual DevSecOps Community Survey of 2,076 IT professionals.  The survey shares practitioner perspectives on evolving DevSecOps practices, shifting investments, and changing perceptions. Survey respondents revealed that breaches related to open […]

Threat Of Russian Cyber Attack

Russian hackers are targeting millions of devices around the world to spy, steal information and build networks for potentially devastating future cyberattacks. IT security experts commented below. Gavin Millard, Technical Director at Tenable: “Irrelevant of who the threat actors are or their motivations, the existence of an easily exploited vulnerability on critical infrastructure connected to […]

“Sometimes There Is A Crystal Ball”

The ability to predict—and defend against—malicious activity is something of a holy grail in the realm of security. There are many technologies that seek to do it, and some of them have made inroads. When it comes to blacklisting domains involved in activities like phishing, malware, and spam, however, most of the blacklists and intel […]

From Digital Defiance To Commercial Compliance


How Advanced WAF can bolster app security The boundary between data compliance and breaking the law is becoming increasingly fine. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) tears up the rulebook for how organisations digitally trade, how can you be sure both operations and customer data are safe and sound? The most rigorous regulation of […]

RSA NEWS: Cloud Sec. Alliance, Cyxtera, Forcepoint – Research And Products Released

Organisations Moving to the Cloud

Cloud Security Alliance Global Enterprise Advisory Board Publishes State of Cloud Security 2018 The report, authored by the CSA Global Enterprise Advisory Board, examines such areas as the adoption of cloud and related technologies, what both enterprises and cloud providers are doing to ensure security requirements are met, how to best work with regulators, the evolving […]

McAfee Cloud Report

Today McAfee releases its annual report examining the current state of cloud adoption, with in-depth analysis exploring how organizations are using cloud services today, where they plan to take their services next, how quickly they think they can get there and their methods for dealing with critical obstacles. McAfee uncovered that the lack of trained […]

New Security Regulations Are Fine, But There Is No Substitute For Innovation

While new security regulation for financial businesses in New York recognises that employees may be the weakest link, there should be a wider acceptance of the role played by new technologies such as file-regeneration, says Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions. “Everyone is part of our cyber security team,” said the chief information security officer […]