Cyber-Attack Site Webstresser Taken Down

A website blamed for launching more than four million cyber-attacks around the world, including attempts to crash banks in the UK, has been taken down in a major international investigation. IT security experts commented below. Marta Janus, Security Threat Researcher at Cylance: “On the surface, websites like WebStresser might appear to offer legit services for businesses and network […]

WinMagic Survey Finds Most Companies Won’t Be Ready For EU GDPR Legislation On 25th May

A fifth of companies lack continuous encryption for personally identifiable information, and only half have the systems required to meet Articles 16 and 17 of the GDPR legislation With just one month until the new EU General Data Protection Regulation Legislation (GDPR) comes into force, data security company WinMagic, has today released the findings of research that […]

Ransomware Attack On Ukraine’s Energy Ministry Website

As part of our security experts comments series Andrea commented below on the news that malicious actors have used ransomware to take the website of Ukraine’s energy ministry offline and encrypt its files. IT security experts commented below. Andrea Carcano, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Nozomi Networks: “Due to the criticality of their services critical infrastructure systems […]

One Month GDPR Countdown

Today marks exactly one month until the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force – making now the time to reflect on the changes both businesses and consumers should expect to see as a result of the legislation overhaul. As part of our security experts comments series, security experts from McAfee and Yoti commented […]

Hyperoptic Router At Risk Of Being Hacked

News has broken that up to 400,000 customers were at risk of critical flaw that could have given an attacker control over their home Wi-Fi network.  IT security experts commented below. Christopher Littlejohns, EMEA Engineer at Synopsys: “What is not revealed in most of the reporting of this issue is that the vulnerability detected is one of the most […]

It’s Time for A Change To Cybersecurity Consumption

Widespread adoption of the cloud has made business executives and board members comfortable with the idea of paying for IT resources and services “by the glass.” Moving to such a consumption model offers widely accepted financial and operational benefits that promote agility, scalability, and digital transformation. Leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services […]

Two Thirds Of Banking Apps Have Critical Vulnerabilities

Today, cybersecurity firm Positive Technologies released its yearly report into vulnerabilities in financial applications. According to the report, the number of vulnerabilities the Positive Technologies teams discovered has fallen, which means banking apps and websites are getting safer. However, two thirds of online banking systems still contain at least one critical vulnerability. Don Duncan, Director at NuData Security, a Mastercard […]