Necurs Botnet Development

Hackers using the Necurs Botnet are now using a new technique to trick victims into opening an email with an archive folder which unzips to a standard folder icon to hide .URL files that automatically download what is known as Quant loader according to Trend Micro. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network […]


Tip 1: Plan for the GDPR future, not just enforcement day The 25th May is enforcement day for the GDPR and while many are fixated on this date, it is now widely accepted that no business will be 100% compliant to every requirement. Rather, businesses should see the GDPR as the beginning of a new era […]

Ixia Releases 2018 Security Report, Highlighting Cybersecurity Risk To Enterprise Cloud Operations

Ixia, a network testing, visibility and security vendor and a Keysight Business, has released the Ixia 2018 Security Report, highlighting the company’s biggest security findings over the past year from its Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center.  The report analyzes the growing exposure to cybersecurity risks as enterprises operate more of their workloads in the cloud. […]

Convincing Fake Netflix Page Phishing For Victims’ Credit Cards

ESET Ireland warns users to look out for a well-made fake Netflix page, that includes a security certificate, but collects’ victims’ credit card numbers for the cybercriminals. A genuine-looking email was received by ESET Ireland, appearing to be a warning about an expiring Netflix subscription, titled “Your cancellation confirmation”, claiming the user’s payment at the […]

‘Managing The Security Skills Gap In A Cybersecurity Minefield’

An increasingly complex security landscape, combined with a challenging threat environment, is putting pressure on many organisations to fill the security skills gaps in their workforce. Then the additional demands placed on businesses to cope with changing compliance and regulation requirements, driven currently by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is creating a ‘perfect storm’ […]