5 Ways To Prevent A Spectre Or Meltdown Attack

How enterprises can safeguard customers’ personal data and information stored on PCs The discovery of the Spectre and Meltdown threats came as a shock to most individuals and organisations. The underlying vulnerabilities that they exposed continue to affect PCs, smartphones, servers, network and security appliances, and some IoT devices. Anything that requires a central processing […]

GPON Home Routers Vulnerability

Researchers at VPN Mentor have found two vulnerabilities in GPON home routers that, when combined, could allow attackers complete control of the device and therefore the network. Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security commented below. Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security: “If verified, these home gateways join the escalating category of botnet-vulnerable IoT devices, […]

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank Data Loss

Following the news that Australia’s Commonwealth Bank may have lost the data of 20 million accounts in 2016 when it failed to confirm that magnetic tapes had been destroyed by a subcontractor, IT security experts commented below. Tony Pepper, CEO and Co-founder at Egress Software Technologies: “The potential loss of 15 years of banking data is a serious breach […]

3-Year Attack On Healthcare Orgs

Security Researchers have this week identified a new hacking group that has been targeting global healthcare organisations with a malware that is remotely accessing medical equipment such as X-Rays and MRI machines. The group has been active since January 2015, and works by accessing IT systems using a trojan known as Kwampirs – this then installs a […]

Twitter Forces Password Reset – Ironically, It’s “World Password Day!”

In response to news this afternoon that Twitter is telling all 336 Million users to reset their passwords due to a software glitch, four security experts point out the irony that, May 3, 2018 is actually World Password Day! They offer perspective on passwords as an increasingly ineffective and obsolete security mechanism. Ryan Wilk, Vice President of Customer Success at NuData Security, […]

Spectre NG – The 8 New Spectre Variant Vulnerabilities Discovered

In response to news of the discovery of Spectre NG, with 8 new variations on the Spectre vulnerability, IT security experts commented below. Craig Dods, Chief Security Architect at Juniper Networks: “Assuming they prove to be legitimate, the group of vulnerabilities coined as “Spectre-NG” may pose significantly higher risks to cloud operators and multi-tenant environments than […]


Security researchers have caught a Bitcoin-hijacking Chrome extension that only managed to grab one BitCoin transaction before being exposed. Researchers said the malicious extensions used an attack technique that first emerged last year, dubbed FacexWorm, and added that they noticed re-emerging activity earlier this month. FacexWorm propagates in malicious Facebook Messenger messages and only attacks […]

Dark Matter

As I am attending the Cyber Security Event (http://www.cybersecuritysummit.com.br/) running in Sao Paulo Brazil in July 2018 with a presentation entitled ‘Dark Matter’, given the number of recent insecurity debacles which have occurred in the Financial Sector, from Experian to Equifax, from RBS to TSB, and of course not forgetting the high-impact outages which implicated […]