Twitter Password

Twitter has  announced a warning to its 336 million users to change their passwords after the company discovered a bug that stored passwords in plain text in an internal system. IT security experts commented below. Jesper Frederiksen, Head of EMEA at Identity Management Specialists Okta: “With just three weeks until the GDPR deadline, organisations are still not taking […]

Hackers Using Stolen Credentials To Tap Travel Rewards

Cybercriminals are using credentials found in speciality shops on the Dark Web to access a victim’s travel and hotel rewards points according to Flashpoint. Lisa Baergen, Director of Marketing at NuData Security commented below. Lisa Baergen, Director of Marketing at NuData Security: “Many companies don’t think of their reward feature as the first place to […]

Dasan GPON Routers Under Attack

Botherders are now leveraging vulnerabilities in Dasan GPON routers that was discovered earlier this week and published by an anonymous researcher on the VPNMentor blog. Attacks have been already been recorded by Netlabs. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security commented below. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security: “If the […]

DDoS Attacks Rose In 2nd Half Of April 2018 After Webstresser Take-Down

62% Increase in DDoS attacks

Corero Network Security President Andrew Lloyd reports findings that differ from vendor statements issued this week about the impact of the take-down of Webstresser (one vendor is reported to claim that DDoS attacks fell 60 percent in one week after WebStresser was closed down). Corero findings indicate that DDoS attacks actually rose on average in the second […]