EFAIL Vulnerability

Following the news that a serious flaw was found in secure email tech, PGP,  IT security experts commented below. Laurie Mercer, Solutions Engineer at HackerOne:  “This vulnerability affects email clients that use the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards, including Apple Mail, iOS Mail and Thunderbird. Direct exfiltration is one of the most severe content injection vulnerabilities. The ability to decrypt […]

Chili’s Credit Card Breach

It has been reported that Chili’s Restaurants has suffered a data breach, with payment card details harvested, according to Brinker International, the company behind the restaurant chain. Ryan Wilk, Vice President at NuData Security commented below. Ryan Wilk, Vice President at NuData Security: “Brinker proves to be taking their customer’s online security seriously by reporting the breach incident on the […]

Cybersecurity Heavyweights Booked To Give Keynotes At OWASP Appsec Europe 2018

The five-day event hosted by non-profit, open-source organisation seeks to plug application security knowledge gap in an ever-evolving cybersecurity sector OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) AppSec Europe, the premier application security conference for European developers and security experts, has unveiled its first three keynote speakers. The event is hosted by OWASP Foundation, an open-source, […]

Rail Europe Customer Data Breach

In response to news that the Danish railway company DSB was hit with a DDoS attack over the weekend that prevented passengers from purchasing tickets via app, website, ticket machine or at store kiosks, IT security experts commented below. Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech.com: “The breach at Rail Europe is disconcerting not only because of what information was […]

Exclusive GDPR Stats; US Startups Are Better Prepared Than European Counterparts

With less than 10 working days to go to GDPR D-Day, SMBs are feeling the pressure most. Over 4,000 took part in Mailjet’s recent active GDPR readiness test in the last 8 weeks and the top findings are: 80% continue to collect personal data from customers 67% still aren’t protecting it properly through encryption technologies US startups are […]

Why Data Discovery And Analysis Is The First Step To GDPR Compliance

With less than two weeks to go until the GDPR deadline, Lynn Elwood, VP cloud & services solutions at OpenText commented below. Lynn highlights that data discovery is essential to build a foundation for GDPR-compliant data management.  Lynn Elwood, VP Cloud & Services Solutions at OpenText:  “Ask yourself this simple question: Do I know where all the […]

Adults May Be Forced To Buy ‘Porn Pass’ To Access X-Rated Movies ‘Anonymouly’

In light of the news that adults may be forced to buy a £10 ‘porn pass’ from newsagents to access X-rated movies ‘anonymously’, David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “Like most people, I believe that access to such material should be restricted to adults only […]