Advanced Detection Techniques For Brand Forgery

What is Brand Forgery? In the past, the “Nigerian prince” scheme was effective, where an attacker claimed to be a Nigerian prince willing to cut someone into a large sum of money if they paid a few processing fees to transfer it to a bank in their country.  Now, people are more educated about phishing […]

DHS Strategy For Cybersecurity

The Department of Homeland Security has unveiled a new national strategy for addressing the growing number and scope of national cyber security risks the nation confronts, and bringing new security and resiliency to the Internet. Its 30+page US DHS Cybersecurity Strategy details some specifics and also offers broad goals aimed at addressing these threats, including to: better identify digital risks, reduce threats and vulnerabilities, mitigate the […]

New Dept Of Energy Cybersecurity Strategy – Threat Sharing, Supply-Chain Risk Management, R&D, etc.

The US Department of Energy has released its Multi-Year Plan for Energy Sector Cybersecurity to help make US energy systems more resilient and secure.  The plan includes: boosting threat-sharing with the private sector, including a malicious code repository and exchange curbing supply-chain risk, and accelerating research and development to make energy systems more resilient to hacking. Also, the plan serves […]

Achieving Continuous Compliance In The Cloud

Compliance is a critical element of modern business. Yet, it must be remembered that it is not simply a case of achieving IT compliance and moving on to the next task. Rather, compliance needs to be continuously maintained if organisations want to avoid falling foul of increasingly large fines, especially with the enforcement of the […]

Iran’s Hacker Hierarchy Exposed

Scope Note: Insikt Group conducted interviews with a former Iranian hacker with first-hand knowledge of the information shared and was living in Iran when he started one of Iran’s first security forums. This source’s commentary forms the basis for the background on the genesis of Iran’s offensive cyber efforts. Additional research was facilitated with Recorded […]