10 Ways The Cloud Solves Your Endpoint Security Problems

Endpoint security is failing. There are a million attackers out there devoting all their energies to getting through the network perimeter and, right now, the odds are stacked in their favour. Network defenders are juggling multiple agents on endpoints, they don’t integrate well and each has its own management interface, placing a heavy burden on […]

Managing Distrust: The Key To Cybersecurity


Trust is a huge issue in most sectors. Borne from years of ruthless competition, battles for customers and getting ‘one up’ on rival companies, trusting partners and customers with valuable information is difficult for businesses. Distrust derives through the fear of giving away valuable product information and business data you don’t want leaked or customer […]

Manufacturers Must Rethink Cybersecurity To Remain Compliant

Companies are rushing to update their security protocols in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and change the way they handle customer data to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for any transaction originating in EU member states.  Businesses the world over are impacted, and one industry that will need […]

GDPR Deadline

Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker: “After the best part of two years of preparation, debate and conjecture, today, the general data protection regulation (GDPR) is upon us. “From customer communications to employee records and beyond, a significant chunk of information held within a business qualifies as personal data meaning, according to the GDPR, it […]

Facebook & Google Facing GDPR Lawsuits

Following recent news that Facebook and Google are facing GDPR lawsuits, Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist at Varonis commented below. Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist at Varonis: “It’s not surprising that the big tech companies are the first to face problems now that the GDPR is in effect. They have the most data about the most people […]

8 Out Of 10 Android Shopping Apps Have Serious Security Flaws

Black Friday Looms for Millions of Zen Cart

It has been reported that 84% of Android shopping apps have high-level vulnerabilities. The security assessment was carried out across 50 mobile shopping apps and revealed over 270 vulnerabilities. IT security experts commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “Mobile apps remain a booming area as people continue to use their mobile devices for all manner […]

Avast: Android Devices Ship With Pre-Installed Malware

Google Flaw that could Grant Remote Access to Devices

Avast Threat Labs has analysed mobile adware which is pre-installed on thousands of new Android phones around the world The Avast Threat Labs have found adware pre-installed on several hundred different Android device models and versions, including devices from manufacturers like ZTE, Archos, and myPhone. The majority of these devices are not certified by Google. The […]