Google And Facebook Served For €6.7 Billion

It was reported yesterday that two giants of the tech world, Facebook and google, have been served with €6.7 billion in fines in just the first day of GDPR compliance; €3.9bn for Facebook and €3.7bn for Google. IT security experts commented below. Adrian Bisaz, VP EMEA at CyberProof:  “GDPR is the new DDoS attack; Companies can become the target of […]

U.S. Department Of Defense Secures The DTS With Help From Hackers On HackerOne

Cyber-Crime and Hacking is Becoming Bolder

More Than 100 Reported Security Weaknesses, Including Social Engineering, Safely Resolved With Help From Hackers HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform, today announced the results of Hack the DTS (Defense Travel System), the fifth U.S. Department of Defense bug bounty program. During the 29 day bug bounty challenge hackers filed more than 100 security vulnerability […]

Lost Or Stolen Assets Cost Businesses More Than Just Replacement Items

Small businesses in the dark about cyber security

As recent research shows, 25% of employees have lost important assets relating to their job. But is there more than just the cost of replacement? With mobile phones and memory sticks being two of the main assets lost or stolen, what are the other implications for businesses and what effect does this have on them […]

FBI Warning People To Turn Routers On And Ofpff Again To Halt Spread Of VPNFilter Malware

Following the recent news regarding the FBI warning people to turn their routers off and back on again to halt the spread of the VPNFilter Malware, Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic commented below. Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic:  “This latest FBI warning seems to be a mad rush to get people to reboot their routers […]

Singapore Security Alert As IoT Vulnerability Impacts SingTel Routers

Linux worm targeting Routers, Set-top boxes and Security Cameras with PHP vulnerability

It has been reported that NewSky Security has uncovered a security vulnerability across all routers from Singapore’s leading internet service provider, SingTel. The uncovered vulnerability could potentially give access to all devices connected to the affected routers. Natan Bandler, CEO & Co-Founder at Cy-oT commented below. Natan Bandler, CEO & Co-Founder at Cy-oT:  “This is yet […]