Automation Getting By reCaptcha

Google’s reCaptcha used to identify human customers can be subverted by automation through HTTP parameter pollution according to security researcher Andres Riancho who discovered the problem. Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security commented below. Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security: “As the saying goes, you cannot judge a book […]

Experts Predict Rash Of Hacks Targeting 2018 World Cup

New report shows that cybercriminals are concentrating their efforts on banks, government, and healthcare In a new report, Web Application Attacks Statistics 2017, Positive Technologies describes how vulnerabilities in web applications have enabled hackers to damage diplomatic relations, access lists of patients at plastic surgery clinics, steal enormous sums from cryptocurrency exchanges, and perform other far-reaching attacks. […]

Face, Iris And Pulse Sensors On The Fast Track For The Next Steps Biometrics

A new report, released earlier this week by ABI Research says that face and iris scanners will outpace fingerprint readers as a security measure. Ryan Wilk, Vice President at NuData Security, a Mastercard company commented below. Ryan Wilk, Vice President at NuData Security: “The authentication market is in an innovation race to develop convenient, easy ways to verify […]

Three Ways To Secure Application Services – Authentication, Automation, And Collaboration

Hyper connectivity, regulatory pressures, and heightened customer expectations are all having a significant impact on how companies operate. From financial services to retail stores, applications are now central to a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Despite this, companies continue to make dangerous security compromises and F5’s recent 2018 State of Application Delivery (SOAD) report revealed that 36% plan […]

EU Data Leak Fails To Meet GDPR Data Standards

In light of the news that surfaced overnight regarding the European Commission leaking personal data on its website, which, for other organisations, would be considered a breach of the GDPR just days after the deadline came into force, Anthony Chadd, Senior Director of EMEA at Neustar commented below. Anthony Chadd, Senior Director EMEA at Neustar: “Achieving GDPR compliance is a […]

ActiveX Zero-Day Discovered In Recent North Korean Hacks

A North Korean cyber-espionage group has exploited an ActiveX zero-day to infect South Korean targets with malware or steal data from compromised systems, local media and security researchers have reported. The perpetrators of these attacks are known as the Andariel Group. According to a report authored by South Korean cyber-security firm AhnLab, the Andariel Group is a […]

PumpUp App Leaking Personal Data


News broke this week that the PumpUp fitness app left a core backend server housed on Amazon Cloud exposed without a password, revealing user health data like weight, height, goals, etc., private messages and even credit card data in certain instances. Each time a user sent a message to another user, the app exposed user […]