Microsoft To Buy Code-Sharing And Collaboration Site GitHub

Azure SQL and SQL Server 2016

Microsoft announced yesterday that it is buying the code-sharing site GitHub, a developer-focused startup that has become a crucial part of the programming industry, for $7.5bn. Patrick Carey, Director of Security Strategy at Black Duck by Synopsys commented below. Patrick Carey, Director of Security Strategy at Black Duck by Synopsys: “This is tremendously good news for open source, and […]

Investigation Reveals Security Concerns After Amasses Sensitive Data

Data... The New Asset Class now holds the genetic code of more than five million people — the largest private database of DNA in corporate history. The firm says it has state-of-the-art security systems in place to prevent hacking and security breaches of its genetic database. However, a three-month investigation has uncovered a pattern of ‘breached promises to customers’ […]

Could GDPR Introduce The Fifth Generation Of Data Security?

Privacy expectations are escalating as we enter the “fifth generation of data security”. At the same time, large-scale multi-vector cyber threats are evolving faster than ever. With the advent of GDPR, we’ve reached a perfect storm for data protection. The default shorthand to describe GDPR is a “game changer for data privacy and security”. But, […]

Google Groups Exposing Sensitive Information

Thousands of G-Suit Users using Google Groups have been exposing sensitive  information through misconfigured Google Group Instances. Google has issued an official warning to users, after security researchers at Kenna Security found the leaks. Alex Calic, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer at The Media Trust commented below. Alex Calic, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer at […]

NYT’s Exposure Facebook’s Data-Sharing Deals With Device Makers

It didn’t stop with Cambridge Analytica. Over the weekend, the New York Times exposed the fact that Facebook gave device makers deep access to data on users and their friends. Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass commented below. Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass: “The news that device makers have been granted deep access to user data on Facebook […]