File-Based Malware: Considering A Different And Specific Security Approach

The cybersecurity solutions landscape has evolved from simple but effective signature-based scanning solutions to sandboxing—the isolating layer of security between your system and malware—and, most recently, to sophisticated detection methods. The new generation is based on behavioral detection or machine learning in an effort to defend against more sophisticated attacks. Yet, despite these advances, news […]

Ticketmaster Breach Part Of A Larger Credit Card Skimming Effort

Stealing credit card information

It has been reported that the breach at Ticketmaster was just “the tip of the iceberg” of a wider, massive credit card skimming operation, new research has found. At least 800 e-commerce sites are said to be affected, after they included code developed by third-party companies and later altered by hackers, according to security firm […]

Argos Text Scam

Following the recent news regarding the appearance of an Argos text scam which tricks customers through a fake refund message, Stephen Burke, Founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware offers the following comment. Stephen Burke, Founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware: “There has been a huge rise in smishing as a route to phishing and this proves […]

Macy’s Breach

Macy’s has confirmed to marketing industry media outlet MediaPost that its eCommerce data was breached.  A OneSpan expert offers comments in response. John Gunn, CMO at OneSpan: “Macy’s declaration that they have added additional security measures as a precaution is like saying you have added fire extinguishers after the building has burnt to the ground. Private citizens have […]

Updated Rakhni Can Be Either A Crypto Miner Or Ransomware

Kaspersky Labs reported late last week that an Updated version of the Rakhni malware strain can be either ransomware or a cryptominer. A Corero expert offers perspective in response. Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security: “We’re often remarking on the typical hackers’ penchant for taking the easy option, where possible, which often includes reuse […]

Hacked Coinhive Shortlinks For Cryptomining

Coinhive has been hacked by cybercriminals who have obfuscated Coinhive’s shortlinks to perform in-browser mining according to researchers at Malwarebytes. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “Cryptomining malware has unseated ransomware as malware perpetrators’ top weapon of choice, mainly because it is lucrative and hard to detect. The sizable cryptomining malware “ring” recently uncovered […]