The Most Common Hack Is Also the Most Successful. Here’s How to Fight It.

Despite what movies might show, most hacks don’t involve frantic typing or brute-force attacks. In fact, Verizon’s “2017 Data Breach Investigations” report revealed that 90 percent of successful hacks aren’t hacks at all: They’re social engineering. Simply put, social engineering is about manipulating people rather than computers. Modern hackers have discovered that it is easier […]

Choosing Convenience Or Security?

Please find the comment below, from Andy Cory, Identity Management Services lead at KCOM as part of our security experts comments series on latest cyber security news. Andy Cory, Identity Management Services lead at KCOM: “There has always been a conflict between security and convenience. Consumers are increasingly irritated by intrusive authentication measures, including obscure […]

Government Bodies Are At Risk Online

Commitment to Online Trust and Security

It’s a statement that’s true for a lot of industries, but it’s different for the government. These aren’t traditional ransomware attacks, or email phishing scams carried out by people at home trying to make easy money. Government hacks are calculated. They’re resourceful. People that target the government are often politically motivated and looking to steal […]

Trustwave On European Parliament Approving A Draft Cyber Security Act

Please see below for comment from Trustwave regarding a key committee of the European Parliament approving a draft Cybersecurity Act that will introduce a new security certification system for connected devices, as well as strengthen the EU’s networks security agency Enisa. Ed Williams, Director EMEA, SpiderLabs at Trustwave: I welcome any initiative to increase the […]

Organisations Pay $250K For Critical Security Bugs


HackerOne has today launched its 2018 Hacker-Powered Security Report, which is an annual study of the bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure ecosystem. The study analyses over 72,000 resolved security vulnerabilities, 1,000 customer bug bounty programs and more than $31 million in bounties awarded to hackers from over 100 countries. The full study can be found […]

Cost Of Data Breaches Doubles In Just 5 Years

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The amount of so-called mega breaches – cases that involve more than 1m records being lost – have nearly doubled over the last five years, with 16 mega breaches occurring in 2017. Data compiled by IBM revealed that breaches on this scale can cost a business anywhere from $40m (£30m) to $340m, with more than 90 per […]

Failed GDPR Consent Efforts

The Facebook fine announced today for the Cambridge Analytica breach would have been significantly larger under GDPR.  While the flurry of activity around the May 25 GDPR deadline may have subsided, the confusion regarding privacy, consent and what comprises actual GDPR compliance is only building. Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO of cloud security provider CipherCloud, […]

Corporate Networks Vulnerable To Insider Attacks

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During penetration testing performed as an internal attacker, Positive Technologies researchers were able to obtain full control of infrastructure on all corporate networks they attempted to compromise. Penetrating the network perimeter has become easier over time, the report reveals, with the difficulty of accessing the internal network assessed as “trivial” in 56% of tests in […]

Employees Suffering High Levels Of ‘Cyber Stress’ In The Workplace

Responsibility for Cyber Security

A Kaspersky Lab study revealed that news of data breaches and pressures to manage multiple online accounts are causing German employees increased levels of stress. The study revealed that 69 per cent of people admit to being stressed by news of data breaches 73 per cent of people reveal the number of passwords they have to […]

Half Of Businesses Ignore Future Cyber Threats By Accenture

Half are too busy dealing with today’s threats to plan for tomorrow’s 70 per cent know that they must change to be successful More than half of businesses (51 per cent) are focused on today’s cyber threats at the expense of tomorrow’s, according to new research from Accenture. Chief Information Security Officers are also under pressure, […]