Bringing Visibility To The Issue Of Web Data Bloat

Francesco Giarletta, CEO of Avanite, examines the potential security issues that simple web browsing data can cause and how web data bloat can be reduced Whenever a user visits a website, data is created, downloaded, and stored. Some of this data is useful; it enables us to get the rich browsing experience we expect from […]

IBM Reveals High Cost Of Data Breaches

IBM and the Ponemon Institute are out with a new study:  Hidden Costs of Data Breaches Increase Expenses for Businesses – Study for First Time Calculates the Full Cost of “Mega Breaches,” as High as $350 Million. Among key findings: Average cost of a data breach of 1 million compromised records is nearly $40 million dollars At 50 […]

Cyber-Security Professionals Must Rethink Their Strategy Of Beating Cyber-Attacks

A recent survey by the Bank of England revealed that cyber-attacks were the joint second most cited risk to the stability of the UK financial system. The proportion of respondents that named cyber-attacks increased for the third consecutive survey to a new record high of 62 per cent – an increase of five per cent. […]

Supply Chain Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are using everything from everyday devices like USBs to vulnerabilities in networks, servers, browsers, websites and even employees to infiltrate the supply chain. Matan Or-El, CEO and Co-founder at Panorays: “Other supply chain attacks include targeted attacks against those suppliers storing and processing information for an organization on its behalf. For example, an outsourcing […]