Over 146 Billion Records To Be Stolen Over Next Five Years

More than 33 billion records will be stolen by cyber criminals in 2023 alone, despite data protection laws mandating strong measures to protect personal and financial data, a study has found. The figure represents an increase of 175% over the 12 billion records expected to be compromised in 2018, resulting in cumulative losses of more than 146 […]

Google Tracks Your Movements, Whether You Like It Or Not

Yesterday evening, the Associated Press revealed the results of an investigation, which shows Google services on Android devices and iPhone store location data and tracks the user, even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so. IT security experts commented below. Tim Mackey, Senior Technical Eevangelist at Black Duck by Synopsys: “There […]

93% Of Security Professionals Say Election Infrastructure Is At Risk

Eighty-one percent believe cyber attackers will target machine communications from local polling stations to central aggregation points  Venafi®, the leading provider of machine identity protection, today announced the results of a study on the security of election infrastructure. According to the study, ninety-three percent of security professionals are concerned about cyber-attacks targeting election infrastructure and […]

How a Nonprofit Addresses Email Security Threats

IT research analysts, technology writers and vendors regularly cite their “top issues” facing IT professionals. But what are the most prevalent issues that IT professionals themselves say keep them up at night? After all, we’re the ones on the frontlines of day-to-day IT operations. In an IT security survey that US Signal conducted earlier this year, respondents noted that […]

What We Learned From The FIFA World Cup Phishing Scams

Snapchat Isolated Email Phishing Scam

This year as the world went crazy for World Cup soccer action, cybercriminals kicked up their game an extra notch to exploit fan enthusiasm through social engineering attacks for financial gain. Even as the tournament closed in mid-July, phishing attacks were still in full swing and ready to take advantage of fans until the very […]

Warning Over ‘Panic’ Hacks On Cities

BBC reported that security flaws have been found in major city infrastructure such as flood defences, radiation detection and traffic monitoring systems. A team of researchers found 17 vulnerabilities, eight of which it described as “critical”. The researchers warned of so-called “panic attacks”, where an attacker could manipulate emergency systems to create chaos in communities. Andrea Carcano, […]

DarkHydrus Relies on Open-Source Tools for Phishing Attacks

A threat actor that is relatively new to the scene relies on open-source tools for spear-phishing attacks designed to steal credentials from government and educational institutions in the Middle East. The group is being tracked as DarkHydrus by researchers at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, who observed it using Phishery in a recent credential harvesting attack. Previous campaigns […]