Princess Evolution Ransomware Is A RaaS With A Slick Payment Site

A new variant of the Princess Locker ransomware is being distributed called Princess Evolution. Like its predecessor, Princess Evolution is a Ransomware as a Service, or RaaS, that is being promoted on underground criminal forums. As this ransomware is being distributed through different affiliates, there are numerous methods that are possibly being used to distribute this ransomware. One […]

Cyber Security Requires A New Approach


The recent boom in cyber crime means it is no longer a problem reserved for IT departments. It’s now a responsibility for the entire organisation – from C-level executives to those in marketing and sales, everyone must work together to tackle the threat. Traditionally we have seen the majority of attacks aimed at businesses that […]

Trump Has Signed An Order Relaxing Rules Around The Use Of Cyber-Weapons

President Trump has relaxed the US’ cyber attacks rules and web security company High-Tech Bridge’s CEO Ilia Kolochenko commented below. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “I have no doubts that the underlying motives of this decision are colourable and purport to bring peace and prosperity. However, I think the decision will inevitable escalate an already tense […]

Arm Your Defenses to Guard Against Nation State Attacks

Nation state attackers are on the hunt for the next vulnerable target. No longer satisfied with infiltrating government institutions or mining for sensitive military data, they are broadening their efforts to target industrial facilities and businesses with the intent to destabilize and disrupt organizations and their countries. It’s scary to consider that more than 60 […]

Instagram Hack

Instagram Rolls out two-factor Authentication

Instagram has been hacked and users say their emails have been changed to .ru domains. Hackers were able to get in and change user’s information such as usernames, profiles photos, passwords, and linked Facebook accounts among other things. Instagram has given instructions to users on how to restore their affected accounts and revoke access to […]

Criminals Extort Internet Users With Threat Of Compromising Videos

Earlier this month bleeping computer reported on an ongoing extortion email campaign that emailed recipients their password and stated hackers had recorded the them over their webcam while they visited adult sites. Over the past week, scammers are now utilizing a new extortion email campaign that claims the recipient’s phone was hacked, includes a partial phone number of […]

2. 6 Bil Records Exposed In 2300 Breaches So Far In 2018 (Risk Based Security Mid-Year 2018 Report)

latest retail data breaches

In response to new research findings from Risk Based Security that over 2.6 billion records have been exposed in 2,300 data breaches so far this year, with fraud accounting for 47.5 percent of exposed records and while hacking accounting for 54.6 percent of all reported breaches, experts with OneSpan and NuData Security offer perspective. Michael Magrath, Director, Global Regulations & Standards at OneSpan, Inc. “2.6 billion records […]

Brits Are Baffled By Blockchain And Wouldn’t Trust An Organisation Using It

Research released yesterday from IP EXPO Europe has revealed that blockchain is baffling Brits as businesses forge ahead with adopting the technology. According to reports, the research, a third of Brits wouldn’t trust an organisation using blockchain because they don’t know what it is, 11% believed they knew what blockchain was but wouldn’t trust an organisation using this technology, […]

Hackers Can Falsify Patient’s Vitals In Real Time

Carphone Warehouse

Reports have surfaced detailing that hackers can falsify patients’ vitals by emulating data sent from medical equipment clients to central monitoring systems. The research, available here, takes advantage of a weak communications protocol used by some patient monitoring equipment to send data to a central monitoring station. The protocol is used in some of the most critical systems in hospitals, […]

Much More Than Just Security – The Future Of Identity And Access Management

As more organisations embark on the journey that is digital transformation, the ability to manage the digital identities is becoming more crucial — especially at a time when the Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the concept of identity and access management (IAM). While traditional IAM was designed to manage employees’ information access authorisation, organisations […]