Marap Malware Targets Banking Sector

Recently, a new malware campaign was identified called Marap that targets the financial sector, James Hadley, CEO & founder of Immersive Labs commented below. James Hadley, CEO & Founder at Immersive Labs: “The banking sector will always be a prime target for cyber attacks. With this threat never ceasing, it’s vital for the industry to acknowledge the challenges […]

Necurs Botnet Pushing New Marap Malware

Malware Ranks First

It’s being reported that Security researchers from Proofpoint have discovered a new malware strain that they named Marap and which is currently distributed via massive waves of spam emails carrying malicious attachments (malspam). Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline: “There is a constant evolution in the tools, techniques and procedures in use by the malicious threat actors. Marap, […]

Anatomy Of A Red Team Exercise

What is a Red Team exercise? If you ask that question to 10 people in the cybersecurity business, you will get 10 different answers. The most succinct definition of a red team exercise and how it plays out in the field with organisations is as follows: ‘An adversarial simulation that allows organisations to detect and […]