Animoto Hack Exposes Personal Info

Tech Crunch broke the news yesterday that Animoto, a cloud-based video maker service for social media sites, suffered a data breach in which hackers gained access to names, dates of birth, user email addresses, scrambled passwords and geolocations. Zohar Alon, CEO and Co-founder at Dome9: “Breaches in cloud environments are often the result of misconfigurations and poor […]

UK Watchdog Warns Banks Scams Are Not Users Fault

In response to the news that the financial ombudsman has come out today saying that banks should not assume victims are at fault, James Romer, Chief Security Architect at SecureAuth + Core Security and David Kennerley, Director of Threat Research at Webroot commented below. James Romer, Chief Security Architect at SecureAuth + Core Security: “Cybercriminals dedicate […]

Microsoft Claims Win Over ‘Russian Political Hackers’

Hostage by Hackers

The BBC has reported that Russian attempts to launch cyber-attacks against US conservative groups have been thwarted, according to Microsoft. Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer at Cybereason: “It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone that Russians or other nation-states are probing for sensitive information from conservative, liberal, libertarian leaning organisations. You get the point that […]

Hackers Steal More Than $1M From Global Economy Every 60 Seconds

Hollywood Hospital Held Hostage by Malware

It was reported yesterday that, according to a new report from RiskIQ, approximately 1,861 people fall victim to cyber-attacks in a span of 60 seconds, while some $1.14 million is stolen. The project aimed to show the magnitude of the issue of global cybercrime by framing it in terms of an “Evil Internet Minute.” By analysing both proprietary and […]

The Consequences Of The Superdrug Data Breach

It was reported that Superdrug had warned its online customers to change their passwords after criminals claimed to have obtained their personal details. The chain said the group claimed they had stolen details of 20,000 customers. IT security experts commented below. Dr Guy Bunker, SVP of Products at Clearswift: “The first thing to consider as a consequence of this breach […]