“Most Sophisticated Botnet”, Dubbed Torii, Targeting IoT Devices

It has been reported that security researchers at Avast have uncovered “the most sophisticated botnet that they have ever seen”, and it is targeting IoT devices. This new IoT malware strain/botnet labelled ‘Torii’ has spread over poorly secured Telnet services, with the attack coming from Tor exit nodes. The malware captures data from IoT devices, and gives attackers remote […]

The Cybersecurity Checkup: Is The Healthcare Industry Doing Enough?

It is no surprise that hackers will always target high value, critical data, so amongst some of the most targeted industries is healthcare; the highly sensitive patient data stored in this industry creates a playground ready for waiting hackers to exploit. In the past five years alone, healthcare breaches have grown in both frequency and […]

Industry Leaders Reaction on Recent Facebook Hack

It is being reported that Facebook said an attack on its computer network led to the exposure of information from nearly 50 million of its users. The company discovered the breach earlier this week, finding that attackers had exploited a feature in Facebook’s code that allowed them to take over user accounts. Facebook fixed the vulnerability and notified law enforcement officials. More […]

Over Half Of SMBs Have Experienced A Data Breach

Following Cisco’s SMB Cybersecurity Report, which has revealed that 53% of midmarket companies have experienced a data breach, Todd Peterson, Product Manager at One Identity, discusses why they are such an attractive target to hackers and how they can protect against attack. Todd Peterson, Product Manager at One Identity: “There are so many more SMBs […]

SEC Fines Voya Financial Advisors One Million Dollars For Failed Identity Protection

In its first enforcement of the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule, the SEC fined Voya Financial Advisors one million dollars for insufficient security policies to protect confidential personal data. Will LaSala, Director Security Solutions, Security Evangelist at OneSpan: “This is another big indicator along with the increase in the size of fines that other corporations are […]

Getting The Airlines Back On Their Feet After A Disaster

IT managers and disaster recovery planners

Just a few weeks ago, Brussels airspace was closed for several hours following a technical problem. Labelled “a disaster” for Brussels Airport, the incident saw flights cancelled, delayed or diverted and passengers stranded. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated event and in fact they’re on the rise. TSB and Visa have both recently suffered technical downtime […]

Trump Administration Takes Steps Towards New Data Privacy Policy

Following the news that the Trump administration has taken its first steps towards crafting a nationwide data privacy policy, Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech, discusses whether a uniform national approach is realistic, why this is important and the possible implications for consumers and companies. Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech: “A uniform approach to […]

New Ofcom Rules Could Put A Halt To Vishing Scams From October

Bank of Ireland and DHL scams detected

Ofcom confirmed that new consumers protection rules will come into effect from Monday 01 October in an announcement yesterday, but UK based security services company, Redscan, believes it should be on the radar of security pros and that it could have a bigger impact that simply reducing nuisance calls. Redscan CTO, Andy Kays, explains below […]

How To Bring The Retail Sector Back Into Fashion

Every September sees fashion week season swing into gear. From the catwalks of Milan to London, a range of retailers compete to showcase the best designs and the rising talent behind them. But, the word ‘retail’ has not been so fashionable of late, especially on the UK high-street. From major closures such as House of […]