400K Websites At Risk From Hacking And Data Theft Due To Open .Git Repos

A security researcher has warned that almost 400,000 websites are at risk from hacking and data theft via open .git repos and web security company High-Tech Bridge’s CEO Ilia Kolochenko commented. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “Many websites are vulnerable to similar misconfigurations, from default or bruteforceable passwords on FTP or admin panels, CMS reinstallation scripts, backups […]

Duo Security Re: Google Chrome Redesign Including A Password Manager

Following the news regarding Google Chrome’s redesign introducing a password manager, Richard Archdeacon, Advisory CISO at Duo Security offers the following comment. Richard Archdeacon, Advisory CISO at Duo Security: “It is good to see that a password manager is being introduced into a browser. To step back, the issue with passwords is that often they are too simple […]

Security Expert’s Thoughts On Aim Of Attackers Using Mikrotik Routers

In NetLab 360’s blog it said that MikroTik routers were being compromised with malware. In its post it questioned why the attacker is paying attention to the network management protocol regular users barely use but didn’t have an answer. Sean Neman, Director of Product Management of Corero Networks commented below his thoughts as to what the aim […]

Cyber Security In The Cloud: Are You ‘Flying Blind’?

Today’s cloud-powered enterprises need to gain visibility of threats beyond the network perimeter and implement As revealed by a recent Bitglass study of 135,000 companies around the world, cloud adoption has reached an all-time high. 81% of organisations now use cloud apps – up from 59% in 2016 and just 24% in 2014. As this […]

Hakai IoT Botnet Hits D-Link, Huawei, Realtek, Includes Efficient Telnet Scanner

In response to reports that a New Hakai IoT botnet is taking aim at D-Link, Huawei, and Realtek routers  (link to ZDNet interview with researcher Ankit Anubhav) and that the malware includes efficient Telnet scanner, an expert with Corero Network Security offers perspective. Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security: “It’s possibly no coincidence that, within a […]

Nearly 3 Million Phishing Incidents Since January In Japan

It’s being reported that a record 2.9 million people in Japan have been directed through phishing emails to fake websites created to steal sensitive information in the first half of this year. The report by Trend Micro Inc. released Monday said such fraudulent attempts are increasingly aimed at stealing accounts used for shopping, communication and other services with […]

“Five Eyes” Nations Demand Tech Companies Provide Encryption Backdoors

Spy on Encrypted Internet Traffic

Last week, a statement was issued last week by the “Five Eyes” nations – United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada – demanding tech companies provide  ‘lawful access’ to encrypted digital content and promising compelled compliance if companies refuse to provide it. An expert with Juniper Networks offers perspective on the demand and the ongoing issue of […]

Lloyds Debit Card Glitch – Expert Analyses The Latest String Of Software Glitches

Azure SQL and SQL Server 2016

Thousands of UK consumers were charged twice for debit card payments as a glitch occured in the card terminal run by Cardnet, a joint venture between Lloyds Bank and First Data. This is only latest IT glitch in a very long list: TSB, M&S, Gatwick, recurring NHS glitches to name but a few of the Software glitches affecting customers, travellers and patients […]