State Department Data Breach

year of the data breach

Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass: “All organizations have a responsibility to keep their employee data safe – there is no room for error. This is particularly true of governmental groups that are supposed to be serving citizens and protecting their personal information. Unfortunately, despite the amount and type of data that these organizations handle, many are unprepared when it […]

Credential Stuffing Attacks Target Financial Services

A new report from Akamai reveals that the financial services industry has become a prime target for credential stuffing botnets. The report highlights two attacks on financial services sites. One botnet attack caused a major financial company’s login attempts to spike from an average of approximately 50,000 an hour to over 350,000 in one afternoon. The other saw a credit union attacked by […]

Network Segmentation: How To Make It Work For You, Every Day

Detect APTs on Network

Corporate networks have quickly become more and more complex. Change requests are regularly processed in the hundreds by IT security teams, which are then applied to company owned network devices.   As a result, underlying network configuration processes increase in size and complexity, impacting the resources needed to manage the required changes. These changes affect all […]

Nonprofit Nursing Agency Hit

Details are emerging about a recent ransomware attack against VON Canada, the nation’s only nonprofit home and community care organization. Reports state that the organization discovered the problem on September 1 but as of now it hasn’t fully resumed normal operations. They haven’t found evidence to indicate any employee, client or volunteer information has been […]

Mirai Authors Avoid Prison

In response to the news that the authors of the Mirai botnet have avoided prison sentences after cooperating with the FBI and providing substantial assistance in other complex cybercrime investigations, IT security experts commented below. Nadav Avital, Threat Analytics Manager at Imperva: “Assuming that the justice system in cases of cybercrimes works in the same […]

Why The Back To School Season Is A Playground For Hackers

With the Summer holidays coming to an end, students across the UK will soon be returning to the classroom. As preparations for the next academic year commence, now is the time for everyone do their homework and ensure a cyber-savvy approach to schooling sits front and centre for 2018 and beyond. Hackers typically target teachers and […]

Rapid Adoption Of Public Cloud Opens A Cybersecurity Gap, Warns Cybersecurity Professionals

Few are confident in spotting security risks and vulnerabilities in DevOps operated public cloud environments   A majority of European and Middle East cybersecurity professionals at organisations using DevOps practices in the public cloud believe that their organisations are trading speed for security. In a newly published cloud security study commissioned by global security leader, […]

There’s A New Struts 2 Vulnerability, Take Heed

The breach suffered last year by credit rating agency, Equifax, when details of more than 145 million U.S. customers was stolen, continues to remain a burning topic. In fact, Flexera is sounding an alert that there’s a new high-risk Struts vulnerability that can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system. It’s imperative […]

Nation-State Attacks On The Up, Say Europol

Global ransomware attacks are increasingly linked to nation states, with the lines between politics and crime often blurring, Europe’s police agency Europol said on Tuesday. Key ransomware attacks include the so-called WannaCry and NotPetya malware, which infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in 2017, demanding that users pay ransoms to regain access.”Ransomware retains its […]