Airports Are Implimenting Biometric Technology And The Risks It Presents

On the breaking news that airports worldwide are implementing biometric technology to improve the efficiency of identity checks, please find a comment from Kaspersky Lab UK’s David Emm. In it, David identifies how attractive this is to cybercriminals and how serious a breach could be. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab UK:  “The development of […]

Browser Spam

Scam websites luring users to browser notification spam are becoming a popular method to promote unwanted extensions, fake software, adware bundles and more. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “Domain spoofing shows no sign of abating in programmatic advertising. They can quickly make the leap from annoying to malicious. If anything, it’s a growing […]

Facebook Breach Now Affecting 90m Users – What Do The Experts Say?

Despite revelations that Facebook’s data breach could have affected up to 90 million users, will it, just like Tesco Bank, have its fine reduced for good behaviour? The social networking site disclosed the breach on Friday, ahead of the standard 72-hour window, and to a far tighter deadline than companies usually adopt. Cybersecurity expert and CEO of SonicWall, Bill Conner, has advised […]

200M Contacts Affected In Sales Engagement Startup Data Breach

The story broke today that Apollo, a sales engagement startup boasting a database of over 200 million contact records from 10 million companies, has been hacked. Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager at Bitglass: “For any company that boasts a database of 200 million contacts from 10 million companies, cybersecurity must be a top priority. If other organizations want […]

Kim Kardashian Is The McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrity™ 2018

After Musicians Dominated Last Year, Stars of TV, the Catwalk and the Silver Screen Return to Top the List  NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Kim Kardashian is named the UK’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online according to McAfee study The study reveals which celebrities generate the most dangerous search results that could expose consumers to malicious […]