Positive Technologies Report: Every Fourth Cyberattack Targets Ordinary Users

Q2 2018 statistics show 47 percent more incidents than in Q2 2017. Targeted attacks, at 54 percent, outnumbered mass campaigns. Positive Technologies’ report The Cyber Threatscape Q2 2018, found that data theft is the objective of an increasing number of online attacks. The most attractive targets were personal data (30%) and credentials (22%), especially for […]

Hacked Facebook Accounts For Sale On Dark Web

social network to take on Facebook

Following the news that over 50 million Facebook accounts were compromised in a major hack, it has now been discovered that hacked Facebook accounts are being sold on the dark web. Jack Moore, Cyber Security Specialist at ESET UK: ‘“This was inevitably going to be the headline that was feared by many. If this is […]

California Bans ‘Secret’ Election Bots

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation which bans the use of undeclared bots during elections. The new rule also applies at all times to bots used for sales purposes unless they are very clear about their identity. The new bill will come into force on 1 July 2019: “This bill would, with certain exceptions, make it […]

Expert Reaction: Kim Kardashian The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Search For

Research from McAfee has discovered that Kim Kardashian is the most dangerous celebrity of 2018 to search for online. The firm measured how many malicious websites were associated with the names of celebrities. Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools: “This is further evidence that consumers need to exercise extreme caution when online. Kim Kardashian is an […]

Google Tightening Up Security For Chrome Extensions

Google is tightening up security for Chrome extensions in an effort to prevent malicious extensions from getting into its web store. Starting from January next year, Google will require all extensions in stable or download the beta products only from Chrome Web Store. Currently, users can install extension from anywhere which makes it quite easy […]

5 Ways CISOs Can Improve Cybersecurity

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) revolves around risk.  Specifically, the CISO’s job is to identify, manage, and, where possible, mitigate risks in a manner consistent with the enterprise’s business goals.  The CISO continually evaluates the enterprise’s technical and information assets against the probability and consequence of any given attack, and, based […]

8 Ways To Empower Your Security Operations Center

When it comes to building a security operations center (SOC), it can be hard to know where to start. Even if you’re making sure the security operations team you already have in place has all the bases covered when it comes to protecting digital assets, ensuring you know exactly what’s going on throughout your environment […]

Social Login: Single Point Of Failure… Or Opportunity?

Social Media

The authentication method has been ignored in high-risk use cases. It could pave the way to a safer, easier Internet. In his excellent Insider Feature about password alternatives and enhancements, Michael Nadeau wrote: “The big risk with social login is that all sites a user accesses via, say, Google will be compromised if that Google account is […]