Russian Cyberattacks Exposed

It’s being reported that the National Cyber Security Centre has exposed a campaign by the GRU (Russian Military Service) of ‘reckless and indiscriminate’ cyberattacks on the UK targeting business, media, politics and sport. IT security experts commented below. Ross Rustici, Senior Director, Intelligence Services at Cybereason:  “This coordinated rehashing of hacks that have previously been attributed to Russia is nothing […]

Smoke Loader Malware Updated And Detected In The Wild

In response to the news that an updated version of the Smoke Loader malware downloader has been sampled in the wild and contains one of the first successful uses of the PROPagate injection technique, Jake Moore, Security Specialist at ESET commented below. Jake Moore, Security Specialist at ESET: “Password stealing malware is nothing new. Clicking […]

Industry Leaders Reaction on China Hacks

Bloomberg broke a story today about how Chinese spies reportedly inserted microchips into servers used by Apple, Amazon, and others. According to the article, Chinese spies have infiltrated the supply chain for servers used by nearly 30 US companies. The chips were “not much bigger than a grain of rice,” reports Bloomberg, but able to subvert the hardware they’re […]