Wannacry Cyberattack Cost NHS £92m – DHSC

Following the news around the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) estimating that the WannaCry ransomware attack cost the NHS £92m in disruption to services and IT upgrades, Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis offers the following comments. Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis: “When ransomware hits an organization, much is discussed about […]

Iceland Suffers It Largest Ever Cyber-Attack

An email phishing attack struck Iceland sending out malicious emails to thousands of individuals, in an attempt to fool them into installing a new threat that mixes code from different sources. Local police have described the cyber-attack as the countries largest to ever hit the country. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “While the code may mix together different […]

Push For Federal Data Privacy Laws

Data Privacy Advocates have testified on Capital Hill that they would like data privacy laws that would form the foundation that states could build their data privacy laws upon, while tech giants would like to see a federal data privacy law limiting states’ rights. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “Consumers want their privacy and […]

Mozilla Delays Distrusting Symantec Certificates

Experts commented this morning on Mozilla’s decision to delay distrusting Symantec certs in Firefox. The rationale being that “well over 1% of the top 1-million websites are still using a Symantec certificate that will be distrusted.” Mark Miller, Director of Enterprise Security Support at Venafi: “Distrusting the lion’s share of the certificates on the internet can […]