Malvertising Campaign Targeting iOS Devices

Following the news that a massive malvertising campaign targeting iOS devices hijacked a whopping 300 million browser sessions in just 48 hours, please see below for commentary from Rusty Carter, VP Product Management at Arxan Technologies. Rusty Carter, VP Product Management at Arxan Technologies: “This malvertising campaign is another example of consumers becoming victims due to attacks […]

2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

John Williams, Product Manager at Node4: “In April of this year, the UK’s National Crime Agency named DDoS attacks as the joint leading threat facing businesses, alongside ransomware. Because of this, security spending in this area will likely continue to be a big priority next year. However, for continued protection and overall resilience through 2019, […]

UK Police Force Offer 120,000 Police Officers Cyber Security Training

Following the news around the UK police forces offering 120,000 police officers cyber security training, Stephen Burke, founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware offers the following comment. Stephen Burke, Founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware: “This is a great move from the police force by making security awareness a priority. This emphasises the fact that any institution, […]

The Budget Should Help Us Bridge The Cyber Security Skills Gap

The media headlines were about the end of austerity and the digital sales tax on Google and Amazon. Yet from the viewpoint of a technology innovator it was the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s emphasis on investment in tech talent and cyber security that stood out in this year’s Budget. While an additional £1bn was announced […]

Dell Data Breach And What Constitutes Industry “Best Practice” Response

Pravin Kothari

The industry is following Dell’s announcement of a security breach that took place earlier this month.  How do you assess their response? Pravin Kothari, CEO at CipherCloud: “On November 9, Dell disclosed a security breach where potentially customer names, emails and hashed passwords. Dell noted that they found no conclusive evidence that any data was […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Breach

Dunkin’, the company behind the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise, has notified owners of DD Perks rewards accounts that a hacker might have accessed their profiles and personal data last month. The company said it didn’t suffer an actual breach of its backend systems but only fell victim to an automated attack known in the cyber-security field as […]

Financial Watchdog Suggests Banks Putting Customers At Risk Of Cyberattacks

Following a new report from the financial watchdog that suggests banks are putting customers at risk of cyberattacks due to old IT systems, I’m reaching out with comment and additional insight on this topic from my client VMware. Research VMware conducted earlier this year revealed the immense challenges frontline IT security teams in the financial […]

International Computer Security Day

Friday 30th November marks this year’s International Computer Security Day, an initiative designed to promote best practice in cybersecurity, but as reports of hacking attacks grow exponentially, what can businesses and regulators be doing to protect people from having their data stolen and their digital identities compromised? Yogesh Patel, Chief Data Scientist at Callsign, the authentication platform […]

2019 Security And Defence Predictions

The things that have been holding back Russia, China, North Korea and Iran from a critical infrastructure attack on the U.S. could shift. When it comes to nation state threats on U.S. critical infrastructure, we think of four key actors: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Each country has been held back from attacking the U.S. […]