Critical Flaw in GDPR Plug-In For WordPress

Hackers have been found exploiting a critical security vulnerability that affects a GDPR plug-in for WordPress to take control over vulnerable websites according to security researchers at Wordfence. Alex Calic, Strategic Technology Partnerships Officer at The Media Trust: “These attacks show that bad actors are always on the lookout for vulnerable third parties that serve multiple […]

Paris Call For Trust and Security In Cyberspace

At Paris Peace Forum, President Emmanuel Macron announced the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace – the most coordinated effort to date to get countries to agree on a set of international rules for cyberspace. Cybersecurity experts Colin Bastable and Paul Bischoff commented below. Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at “To be clear, countries who signed […]

Forcepoint Predicts A Cyber Cold War In 2019

Cyber experts and research teams warn of risks to critical infrastructure and national intelligence, threats to biometric identification and over-reliance on AI in cybersecurity Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint today launched its 2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report, with security specialists, behavioral intelligence researchers and data scientists providing guidance on the sophisticated threats facing organizations in the months to come. The […]

2018 Breaches That Exposed 3.6 Billion Records

Data breaches in the first 9 months of 2018 have exposed 3.6 billion personal information records according to the 2018 Q3 Data Breach QuickView report by Risk Based Security. Matan Or-El, CEO at Panorays: “The number of personal records exposed this year alone is staggering. These numbers reflect the ease by which hackers have been able […]

How To Protect Your Information From Getting Tracked And Hacked

Just like CSI uses forensics experts to look for fingerprints, your digital behavior is tracked by businesses and followed by tools like Google Analytics or marketing suites like HubSpot. Except you’re not a criminal, and their goal is to sell you more things. This breach of privacy escalates when one of the companies gathering your […]

Adobe ColdFusion Flaw

Adobe Flash update

Hackers are exploiting a remote code vulnerability in Adobe Cold Fusion that a patch was recently issued for according to researchers at Volexity. Justin Jett, Director of Audit and Compliance at Plixer: “The recent Adobe ColdFusion flaw that has been exploited recently is another example of how quickly malicious actors are to take advantage of […]

Cyber Attacks #1 Concern For European, USA And Asia, Finds WEF

The Word Economic Forum (WEF) has just published the results of a report detailing that – out of 12,000 business leaders across 140 countries – cyber attacks are the top concern businesses will face over the next decade in Europe, North America and Asia. Globally, cyber-attacks were only the 5th highest risk cited by business leaders. This comes […]

Zero-Day Attacks On WordPress Plugins

Following the news that Zero-day attacks have been exploiting popular WordPress plugins to take over sites in the wild, Gavin Millard, VP of Intelligence at Tenable explains how this attack works and what users can do to protect themselves. Gavin Millard, VP of Intelligence at Tenable: “Ignoring the irony that this popular WP GDPR Compliance plugin could lead to customer […]