Nordstrom Data Breach

Following the news that that high-end retailer Nordstrom is in the process of notifying its employees their data may have been compromised in a breach, please see below comments from Martin Jartelius, CSO of Outpost24. Martin Jartelius, CSO at Outpost24: “It looks like this incident relates to a contractor unintentionally, or intentionally, incorrectly handling confidential […]

French Film Company Pathe Loses €19m In BEC Scams

The Dutch branch of the French film production and distribution company Pathé has lost over 19 million euros to BEC scammers, Dutch News reported. Information about how the scammers pulled it off has been gleaned from court documents relating to an unfair dismissal lawsuit brought against Pathé France by Edwin Slutter, the Dutch branch’s former chief financial officer. […]

Researchers Reveal Seven New Spectre And Meltdown Attacks

In response to the news that a team of nine academics has revealed today seven new CPU attacks, which are variations on Meltdown and impact AMD, ARM, and Intel CPUs to various degrees, please see below comments from Cody Brocious, researcher at HackerOne. Cody Brocious, Researcher at HackerOne: “As long as speculative execution is performed in processors, […]

How To Keep Shadow IT From Costing You In The GDPR Era

Shadow IT — the use of IT systems within an organization without the knowledge or approval of corporate IT — has long been an issue for businesses across industries. From risking the unauthorized leaking of proprietary information to exposing unintended attack vectors to hackers, shadow IT can subvert the efforts of an IT department to […]

Cyber-Attacks Is Now The Number One Business Risk

You’ve probably seen the recent news about how cyber-attacks are now the number one business risk in Europe, North America and East Asia and the Pacific, according to the latest report from World Economic Forum (WEF). Mick Bradley, EMEA VP at data protection vendor, Arcserve addressing the hot topic of cyber security in the boardroom commented below.  Mick […]