Sotheby’s Home Latest Magecart Victim

On Friday it was reported that Sotheby’s Home has become the latest casualty of Magecart. The auction house became aware of this intrusion on 10th October 2018 when an unknown third party gained access inserted malicious code. Following this news, Rusty Carter, VP of Product Management at Arxan Technologies commented below. Rusty Carter, VP of Product […]

Dunkin Donuts Credential Stuffing Attack

Adam Laub, Senior Vice President at STEALTHbits Technologies, points out the lessons to be learned from the recent Dunkin’ Donuts data breach. Adam Laub, Senior Vice President at STEALTHbits Technologies: “While unfortunate, the recent incident at Dunkin’ Donuts is an incredible opportunity to educate the masses in a way that may actually make a difference in the […]

What To Do If Your Phone Is Stolen?

Whether you like it or not, such a mishap may come true someday. I can imagine your anger and despair if it happens, given that a phone isn’t merely a dumb calling device these days. It stores our photos, emails, digital wallets and other sensitive things – every active smartphone user knows how valuable their […]

Can AI Have Empathy In Patient Care?

Ralf Sydekum, Technical Manager, F5 Networks, discusses whether artificial intelligence can be empathetic to all the needs of patient care. Healthcare related Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing fast and advances in critical diagnosis have revolutionised patient care. However, there is still a clear dividing line between automating manual tasks and mediating relationships between the medical […]

Cyber Research Forum In Washington DC

Phil Neray commented below, as part of our experts comments series, on reports coming out from a cyber research forum in Washington DC (Wired, NY Post) that the Russian “Energetic Bear” hacking group is still actively probing the U.S. power grid critical infrastructure. Phil Neray, VP of Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX: “Adversaries don’t usually install footholds in […]

Industry Leaders Reaction On Marriott Data Breach Exposing 500M Customers

Marriott International said last week that up to 500 million guests’ information may have been accessed as part of a data breach of its Starwood guest reservation database. The world’s largest hotel chain said it determined on Nov. 19 that an “unauthorized party” had accessed the database as early as 2014. For about 327 million of the guests, it […]

Criminal Investigations Into Computer Hacking Up 14% In One Year

Officers forced to follow up over 2,500 complaints of Instagram, Facebook, email and website hacking, and Bitcoin ransom, despite a rise in violent crime Police forces across the UK are coming under increasing pressure to launch criminal investigations into incidents of social media and computer hacking, according to a new report from the Parliament Street […]

Top Seven IT Security Trends In 2019

Ensuring data privacy became the main challenge for many organizations in 2018. While Europe was desperately getting ready for GDPR compliance, the rest of the world was deeply affected by data privacy scandals around Google and Facebook. In the foreseeable future protection of data privacy and security will become a key target for the majority […]