Russia Attacks Ukraine’s Telecommunications Systems

Following the news that Ukrainian authorities say they’ve thwarted a huge cyberattack on their telecommunications systems and are blaming Russia for the assault, please see below comments from Security experts. Moreno Carullo, Co-founder and CTO at Nozomi Networks: “The attacks on Ukraine’s telecommunications systems highlight that attackers are once again relying on phishing as a means to target […]

Kubernetes Security Flaw Could Enable Remote Hacking

It has been reported that a severe vulnerability in Kubernetes, the popular, open-source software for managing Linux applications deployed within containers, could allow an attacker to remotely steal data or crash production applications. Andrew van der Stock, Senior Principal Consultant at Synopsys: “APIs make the friction of doing business much less. We expect to see continued explosive growth of APIs […]

Beware Ransomware Doctors Peddling Fake ‘Cures’, Warns Check Point

Researchers from leading cybersecurity vendor Check Point have uncovered a Russian IT consultancy named Dr. Shifro ( that claims to unlock and recover consumers’ and businesses’ encrypted files. But in fact, the company simply pays the ransomware’s creator themselves and passes the cost onto the victim at a 75%-plus profit margin. Dr. Shifro offers only […]

London Blue’ Hacker Group Targets 35,000 Chief Financial Officers

A hacker group has compiled a list of 35,000 chief financial officers, some working at the world’s biggest banks and mortgage companies, so it can target them with requests to transfer money. The “London Blue” hackers are the latest group to focus on “business email compromise” (BEC) campaigns, according to the cyber threat detection company […]

Industry Leaders Reaction On Quora Breach, a site where people ask and answer questions on a range of topics, said hackers breached its computer network and accessed a variety of potentially sensitive personal data for about 100 million users. Compromised information includes cryptographically protected passwords, full names, email addresses, data imported from linked networks, and a variety of non-public content […]

Marriott Breach And 1-800 Flowers Breached For Years

The Marriott Hotels data breach has sent ripples through the Infosec community, with questions being asked as to how the hackers were able to roam around a network for years, unbeknownst to the people charged with keeping networks safe. We have seen a similar situation developing in the breach of Canada’s 1-800 Flowers, reported to […]