Hackers Steal $1 Million From Save The Children Foundation

Javvad Malik

Save the Children Foundation has revealed that the charity was targeted by fraudsters last year, leading to the loss of $1 million. Speaking to the Boston Globe, the US arm of the non-profit, which supports children worldwide, said that con artists managed to compromise an employee’s email account in order to masquerade as the staff member in question. Javvad […]

Hacking Groups Targeting US Officials

Last month, Trump re-imposed sanctions on Iran and hackers have since upped their focus on hacking personal emails of American officials involved in enforcing those sanctions from the U.S. Treasury. The AP is reporting on this – using data from Certfa as the primary source on tracking.  Commenting on this news is KnowBe4’s new Senior VP of Cyber […]

Cyber Attacks History In Higher Education

Rapid Automation and Industrialization of Cyber Attacks

The Higher Education sector increasingly attracts hackers due to huge amounts of critical information its systems store. This data refers to personal information of employees and students along with top universities’ research materials. The research conducted by EdGuards Company, describing cybercrime development in the U.S. Higher Education sphere and notorious incidents caused by malefactors’ activity, […]

Ships Found To Be Under Constant Cyber Threat Due To Inbuilt Technology

A coalition of shipping industry associations has published The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships, laying out best practices for the giant ships that ply the seas, and revealing that these behemoths are routinely infected with worms, ransomware, and malware spread by infected USB devices. The document recounts incidents in which infected ships were stranded because malware caused […]

Logitech Bug

Logitech has released a patch on a bug that could have allowed hackers to implement keystroke injection attacks in  Options, a Logitech app that lets users customize buttons and the behavior of their mice, keyboards, and touchpads. Pat Ciavolella, Digital Security and Operations Director at The Media Trust: “The Logitech Options bug illustrates how apps […]

Predictions For 2019

|”Industrial control networks are notoriously soft targets — they’re rife with vulnerabilities such as outdated Windows systems, unpatched firmware in controllers, flat topologies, unauthorized internet connections, and lack of monitoring. As a result, we expect nation-state attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure networks to continue — as we’ve seen in the past with Black Energy, […]

Email Bomb Threats

Many US workers were startled today when finding an extortion note in their work email threatening to set off a bomb unless they sent money. Law enforcement authorities say millions of these emails were sent to businesses, colleges, media organizations and courthouses. Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security: “It is estimated that […]

Facebook API Bug Exposes 6.8M Users’ Photos to Developers

facebook at work

News is breaking that Facebook has exposed the private photos of an estimated 6.8 million users, due to an API bug. The bug allowed access to photos beyond the third-party app request, pulling their timeline photos, Facebook Stories, Marketplace photos, in addition to photos they’d uploaded to Facebook but never shared. Facebook says the bug […]