New Malware Pulls Instructions From Code Hidden In Memes Posted To Twitter

Security researchers said they’ve found a new kind of malware that takes its instructions from code hidden in memes posted to Twitter. The malware quietly infects a vulnerable computer, takes screenshots and pulls other data from the affected system and sends it back to the malware’s command and control server. The logic goes that in […]

EU Communications ‘Targeted By Hackers’

Following the New York Times report which reveals that hackers successfully infiltrated the European Union diplomatic communications network over a period of several years, Jake Moore, cyber security expert at ESET UK, has the following comment. Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET UK: “When the risks are so high, cyber security needs to echo […]

PAM vs. PIM: Privilege By Any Name Is A Priority

Privileged accounts, credentials and secrets – and the access they provide – represent the largest security vulnerability that enterprises will face today. Nearly all of the most destructive cyber attacks this decade were executed by successfully exploiting privileged access. As such, managing and securing privilege is increasingly an organisational priority and a core component of […]

The Prevalence Of Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking has increased 400% during 2018 according to Kaspersky Labs. Security researchers says cryptojackers are now using malware scripts to access people’s computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Expert Comments below: Mike Bittner, Digital Security & Operations Manager at The Media Trust: “There are several reasons why cryptojacking has overtaken ransomware in popularity among bad actors. It […]

Critical US Ballistic Missile Systems Lack Adequate Cyber Security

After an audit of the US ballistic missiles systems, it has been revealed that the systems had no data encryption, no antivirus programs, no multifactor authentication mechanisms, and 28-year-old unpatched vulnerabilities. The report [PDF] was put together earlier this year, in April, after US Department of Defense Inspector General officials inspected five random locations where […]

Cyber Security In 2019

Cybersecurity Trends for 2019 – The Escalating War Against Encryption, Privacy, and Security It’s time to take stock of security for another year. 2018 has seen some corkers, from the BA data breach to Cambridge Analytica, but as ever, it could always be worse. The range of consumer-facing breaches in 2018 have truly proved that […]

Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Update For Internet Explorer RCE Zero-Day

It has been reported that Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update that fixes an actively exploited vulnerability in Internet Explorer. This vulnerability has been assigned ID CVE-2018-8653 and was discovered by Google’s Threat Analysis Group when they saw the vulnerability being used in targeted attacks. According to Microsoft’s security bulletin this is vulnerability in […]

Police Will Use AI To Help Predict Spikes In Hate Crime

Following the news that the police will set up a new “hate lab” that will utilise AI to help predict spikes in hate crime on the streets following Brexit, Andy Davies, consultant, police & intelligence services at SAS UK highlights the importance of using data to mitigate preventable or predictable trends.Andy stresses the need for […]

Several Hoax Bomb Threats Sent To Businesses And Schools Across The US

US law enforcement authorities are urging Americans to remain calm after a massive spam campaign carrying bomb threats has scared people and caused building evacuations all day across the country. The source of all problems is a spam campaign that got underway today, and which was sent to millions of email inboxes, primarily in the […]