5 Tips Every CIO Must Follow To Prevent Costly Data Breaches

Endpoint security has become a major battleground in the cybersecurity war as companies struggle to protect an ever-growing number of machines in an increasingly complex environment. With the widespread adoption of remote working arrangements, the onslaught of mobile devices and BYOD policies (or lack thereof), the endpoint landscape in many companies has become a wild […]

Banks’ Online Security Is Not Tough Enough To Stop Hackers

Less than half of Britain’s leading banks are doing enough to protect customers from hackers, according to a Which? investigation. Only five of the 12 investigated banks used two-factor authentication at login, a feature which makes it harder for criminals to hack into accounts. Dewald Nolte, Chief Commerical Officer at Entersekt: “The rise in popularity […]

Pick-up In Third-Party Breaches

The new California data privacy law is now starting to reveal the increase in third-party breaches as companies begin reporting under the new law according to the Office of the Attorney General. Matan Or-El, Co-founder and CEO at Panorays: “Hackers continue to target the weakest link in the supply chain, and in doing so are […]

Mega Leak Of 2.2 Billion Records

Hackers are passing around a vast database of 2.2 billion unique names and passwords skimmed from some of the biggest data breaches like Dropbox and LinkedIn. Collection #1 and #2-5 have been uncovered by several security researchers. 📢 DATA BREACH ALERT ❗️A mega-leak of 2.2 billion records, a collection of unique usernames and associated passwords […]

India’s Largest Bank SBI Leaked Account Data On Millions Of Customers

India’s largest bank has secured an unprotected server that allowed anyone to access financial information on millions of its customers, like bank balances and recent transactions. Expert Comments below:  Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “In light of the economic slowdown in many developed countries, India is becoming a growing and dynamic market both for entrepreneurs […]