Teenager Who Reported FaceTime Bug To Receive Payout From Apple

Following the news that the teenager who reported Apple’s FaceTime bug is to be paid by Apple for his discovery, Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET commented below. Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET: “Bug bounty hunting is a fantastic way to encourage ethical hackers to quietly highlight bugs to the creators of […]

59K Data Breaches Reported But Only 91 Fines Imposed Since GDPR

In response to the new 2018 breach report from cybersecurity watchdogs with DLA Piper that European companies experience 60,000 data breaches in last 8 months. Experts Commented below: Byron Rashed, VP of Marketing at Centripetal Networks: “It’s no surprise the amount of data breaches that are now reported. Before GDPR, it may not have been […]

APT10 Targeted Norwegian MSP And US Companies In Sustained Cyber Attack

It has been reported that a Chinese nation-state hacking group known as APT10 has hacked and stolen data from Visma, a Norwegian company that provides cloud-based business software solutions for European companies. The intrusion into Visma’s network took place on August 17, 2018, according to a joint report published today by US cyber-security firms Rapid7 […]

Hackers Targeting Ads.txt

Cybercriminals are launching bot networks to circumvent ads.txt protections, which are designed to allow publishers to list authorized sellers of their inventory according to security researchers at DoubleVerify. Eager to learn more about how scammers circumvented ads.txt in the latest #fraudscheme? Download our latest DV Fraud Lab report!https://t.co/4eQMjwuhEe pic.twitter.com/SpUz3qkhLf — DoubleVerify (@doubleverify) February 7, 2019 […]

EE Data Breach Led To ‘Stalking’ Of EE Employee’s Girlfriend

An EE customer has said she was stalked by an ex-partner who worked at the firm after he accessed her personal data without permission. Francesca Bonafede’s number was switched to a new handset and her address and bank details were accessed. She said the company failed to take the data breach seriously and she had […]

Iphone Apps Secretly Record Your Screen Without You Asking

Apps like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hotels.com and Singapore Airlines also use Glassbox, a customer experience analytics firm, one of a handful of companies that allows developers to embed “session replay” technology into their apps. These session replays let app developers record the screen and play them back to see how its users interacted with the […]

Australian Parliament Cyber-Hack Attempt

Australian authorities are investigating an attempt to hack into the national parliament’s computer network, two senior lawmakers said on Friday, but there was no evidence yet that any data had been accessed or stolen. China link possible in cyber attack on Australian Parliament – https://t.co/yqGgeY15bF via @Shareaholic — Petrov Dempski (@petrovdempski) February 10, 2019 Experts […]

4th Quarter DDoS Trends

The numbers for Denial-of-Service attacks were down in the 4th quarter but the ones that got through were more stealth and persisted for a longer duration according to a report from Kaspersky. distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) https://t.co/wIrvqcpT6H — MarkZuplaso (@MarkZuplaso) February 9, 2019 Justin Jett, Director of Audit and Compliance at Plixer: “DDoS attacks are […]

Internet Safety – The Unforgotten Mass Of Small Users

Living in the age of Cyber Adversity in which the risks from on-line hackers, criminals, cyber-miscreants, not to mention those foes who exist in the guise of service providers wishing to exploit our data to their own financial end, the prospect of a modicum of robust security is, or at least should be at the […]