WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Allows Website Takeover

This week seems to be super busy with data breaches and security vulnerabilities galore, looping you in on the latest vulnerability exposed today. News is breaking that hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in WordPress plugin Simple Social Buttons, allowing privilege escalation so that non-admins can take over administrator accounts or even whole websites. The […]

Equifax Data Breach A Sign Of Global Cyberwarfare?

The Equifax data breach in which millions of Americans had their personal details stolen may have been carried out by a foreign government in a bid to recruit U.S. spies, experts believe. Off the back of this, please see comments from Terry Ray, senior vice president and Imperva fellow who talks about how this is […]

Collection Of 127 Million Stolen Account For Sale On The Dark Web

Hacker Breaches Dozens of Sites, Puts 127 Million New Records Up for Sale https://t.co/s6EXRJEnuf pic.twitter.com/kVNS8N1mUp — Rafael Maita (@RedySeguridad) February 15, 2019 Following the news that a collection of 127 million accounts has been found for sale on the Dark Web, Corin Imai, Sr. Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools commented below. Corin Imai, Sr. Senior […]

On The 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recently published a report from the 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey. The findings show that malicious actors are successfully leveraging phishing attacks to initially gain access to networks across healthcare organisations in the US. RELEASED AT #HIMSS19: The 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey reveals a number of positive developments […]

Don’t Fall For The Phish – Can You Spot These Malicious Web Scams?

Customer Data has been Stolen

Google recently created a new quiz to test user knowledge against email phishing attacks, showing how easy it is to be fooled by a scam you think is coming from a trusted source. From fake support emails with malicious links to folders of photos to download from unknown sources, corporate users are getting better and […]

One Of Malta’s Major Banks Suffers Cyber Attack, Shutting Down Operations

The Bank of Valletta, one of Malta’s main banks and the financial institution which accounts for almost half of Malta’s banking transactions, suffered a major cyber attack on Wednesday. The bank said it had closed its branches and ATMs on the small Mediterranean island after realizing hackers were trying to access its systems. Its website […]