ESG Cautions More Stringent And Complex Requirements For Multi-Cloud Migration To Prevent Attacks And Data Leakage

As businesses take advantage of mobile workforce and consumers, they have also been actively migrating their data centers and “webifying” applications to the cloud. To this end, security professionals have been building out an application-based access security architecture called Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). SDP leverages the Zero Trust tenet of ‘never trust, always verify’ by […]

Microsoft Malware

A new Microsoft malware infiltration technique has just been discovered, which involves the execution of malware even if the user does not open the Word document containing the malware.   Users don't have to open malicious docs to trigger new Microsoft malware Via @cywareco — Bob Willcox (@BobWillcox) February 19, 2019 Expert Comments Below:  Dr Darren Williams, Founder […]

Huawei CEO Says Data Won’t Be Shared with Chinese Government

Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, pledged in an interview that Huawei will not to share any customer information with the Chinese government. Expert Comments Below:  Anjola Adeniyi, Technical Account Manager at Securonix:   “Concerns about whether Huawei shares data with the Chinese government are not wholly unfounded. China passed a National Intelligence Law in 2017 which stated […]

Hackers Use Compromised Banks As Starting Points For Phishing Attacks

In a report released today and shared with Bleeping Computer, international security company Group-IB specialized in preventing cyberattacks describes a so called cross-border domino-effect that can lead to spreading an infection beyond the initial target. The report is based on information from incident response work conducted in 2018 by the company’s team of computer forensics experts.  Experts Comments below:  Corin […]

Company Behind Chinese Facial Recognition Leaves Database Unprotected And Exposing 2.5 Million People

SenseNets, a company which operates facial recognition systems in China has exposed crucial personal information of 2.5 million people after leaving a database unprotected. The revelation came from a cybersecurity researcher named Victor Givors, who followed the trodden of searching around for unsecured databases. To the researcher’s surprise, the particular database contained the ID card number, tracking location […]

Network Functions Virtualisation Influence Spreads As Shift To 5G Accelerates

F5 Networks-sponsored Annual Industry Survey 2018 puts spotlight on emerging technology ahead of Mobile World Congress; Close to 80% of industry professionals see NFV as either important or critical    New research shows that at as many as 79% of telecoms professionals view network functions virtualisation (NFV) as a critical strategic focus over the next five years.  According to […]

New IoT Standard

The ETSI Technical Committee on Cybersecurity (TC CYBER) has just released ETSI TS 103 645, a standard for cybersecurity in the Internet of Things, which will help to create baseline security standard for IT devices.  ETSI has released ETSI TS 103 645 consumer IoT cybersecurity standard — Watchdog (@CerberusLabs) February 19, 2019 IoTSF Supports New Global Consumer Cybersecurity Standard […]