Under Lock And Key: How Can The Public Sector Keep Its Data Safe?

The public sector faces intense public scrutiny, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. However, the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre in (NCSC) in 2016 suggests that the sector is beginning to take the issue of cybersecurity seriously, marking the Government’s commitment to making the UK a safe place to live and work online. […]

BorontoK Ransomware Wants $75,000 Ransom, Infects Linux Servers

It has been reported that a new ransomware called BorontoK is encrypting victim’s web sites and demanding a 20 bitcoin, or approximately $75,000 ransom. This ransomware is known to infect Linux servers, but may also be able to encrypt users running Windows. In a BleepingComputer forum post, a user stated that a client’s web site was encrypted with the new B0r0nt0K Ransomware. This […]

FCA Report Shows Fivefold Increase In Cyber Attacks On Financial Services Sector

Following the news around the FCA announcing that it saw the number of data breaches reported to it grow fivefold from 2017 to 2018, Malcolm Taylor, Director Cyber Advisory at ITC Secure offers the following comment. Malcolm Taylor, Director Cyber Advisory at ITC Secure: “There’s no doubt that corporations are reporting more attacks; GDPR is a part of […]

Bitglass 2019 Healthcare Breach Report: Hacking And IT Incidents Account For Nearly Half Of All Healthcare Data Breaches

Total Number of Records Exposed Reached 11.5 Million in 2018, More Than Twice That of 2017  Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, has released its fifth annual Healthcare Breach Report. Each year, Bitglass analyzes data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ “Wall of Shame,” a database containing information about breaches of protected health information (PHI) that […]

CIOs Globally Highlight The Need For Unified Access Management To Drive ‘Dynamic Marketplaces’

Changes in Workforce, Workplace, and Technology by 2025 Present New Challenges and Call for Innovative Solutions, According to OneLogin Survey  OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management,  released a study that found the workforce, workplace, and the technologies that support them will be so different by 2025 that enterprises need to provide global access and ensure continuous uptime now. Enterprises must […]

Farewell To Text Password

We are witnessing a critical turning point in the history of identity assurance – transition from the time-honored seals, autographs and textual passwords towards Expanded Password System. The worst part of the global password predicament will melt away when people are offered a broader password choice. Expanded Password System that we advocate accepts images as […]

Office 365 Phishing Page Comes With Live Chat Support

Scammers handling a phishing website for Office 365 credentials added live support to add to the illusion of legitimacy necessary to trick victims. This particular Office 365 phishing fraud starts with an email impersonating a Microsoft alert for renewing the subscription for the Office suite of services. When a potential victim fails to log into their Office365 […]

Security Technology Not Fit For Consumers

Yesterday at MWC, alongside Executives from McAfee and Twilio, Callsign joined a discussion about maintaining consumer trust in a digital economy.  One of the topics raised was whether consumers need to take more responsibility in terms of keeping themselves safe online. Ultimately it is the consumer who is the weakest link in security – but […]