How To Cut IT Spending If You Run A Small Business

Small Businesses

Most people who decide to launch their own small business often run into the exact same IT related issues. This article provides a few practical tips to address the biggest concerns and avoid typical mistakes in this regard. From my own experience, there are several common characteristics inherent to small businesses. These include limited IT […]

Dow Jones List Containing 2.4 Million Names Of High Risk Banking Clients Left Exposed

A Dow Jones list of 2.4 million people considered at risk for bribery and corruption, as well as high-profile criminals and terrorists, sat out in the open on an unsecured online database, a researcher has found.   Experts Comments below:  Warren Poschman, Senior Solution Architect at comforte AG:  “In a regrettable trend, Dow Jones & Co. is yet another example […]

Revolut Money Laundering: AI Can Reduce Fraud – SAS

Following the news that Revolut may have enabled thousands of money-laundering transactions to pass over its platform following a mistake in its systems, please see comment below from Colin Bristow, fraud & anti-money laundering specialist at data leader SAS, on why companies have to invest in AI solutions if they want to stay ahead of the tide of digital […]

High Value Data, High Exposure

It is a known-known fact that one of the most valuable assets we may own and have access to is money. However, my opposition argument to this statement is that there is another asset, which has even more intrinsic value attached, an asset which can be shared, replicated multiple times, and can be distributed with […]

HackerOne Reveals 100% Growth Of Hacker Community In Annual Hacker Report

Hackers earned $19 million in bug bounties on HackerOne in 2018;  Hacker community surpasses  300,000 with more than 600 hackers registering any given day  HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform, today announced findings from the 2019 Hacker Report, which reveals the hacker community has doubled year over year and has earned $19 million in bounties, nearly matching the […]