Cyber Vulnerability In Car Alarm Opened Millions Of Cars Up To Tracking, Hijack And Theft

The Pen Test Partners has released information on major vulnerabilities it found in premium car alarm systems Viper and Pandora, which could have allowed hackers to locate cars, disable alarms, unlock doors, and even switch the engine immobiliser on/off. White hat hackers at Pen Test Partners were able to exploit critical vulnerabilities in popular 'smart' car alarm […]

7 Misconceptions About DDoS Attacks That Could Jeopardize Your Business

Rolf Gierhard, VP of marketing at Link11 busts the most dangerous and pervasive myths about DDoS attacks – and shows how organizations can protect against them Most organizations understand that DDoS attacks are disruptive and potentially damaging.  But many are also unaware of just how quickly the DDoS landscape has changed over the past two […]

The BBC Lack Of Security On Car Alarm

According to research by the BBC’s Click technology programme, security flaws in three specialist car alarms have left vehicles vulnerable to being stolen or hijacked.   Jake Moore, a Cybersecurity Specialist at ESET: “Cybersecurity flaws and breaches can make or break a company. Despite the risk of fallouts, it is insane that companies don’t constantly test their […]

How We Can Get Beyond The Buzzwords To Understand What’s Real, And What Works In AI

The State of AI 2019 is comprehensive study which shows that corporate adoption of Artificial Intelligence has tripled in the last 12 months, with one in seven large companies now adopting some form of AI.   Expert Comment below: Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director at Vectra:  With 40% of Europe’s so called “AI companies” being exposed as not actually […]

Record-Setting Data Breach

News of a second major data breach took place because of unprotected databases and servers, which has now left 763 million unique emails from exposed. This breach just equipped cybercriminals with 763 million opportunities to commit fraud, but it also exposed “business intelligence data,” including employee and revenue figures, in an unusual circumstance.  there's a […]

US Senators Slam Equifax, Marriott Executives For Massive Data Breaches

It has been reported that Equifax appeared before the United States Senate yesterday to discuss what the company has learned from one of the largest data breaches to hit corporate America. Last night, the Senate released a report on how Equifax handled its data security leading up to the data breach. The report details that they “neglected” cybersecurity ahead of the devastating […]

Lords Report On Big Tech Regs: Ethical Framework Essential For Future Of Data, Says SAS PhD

Tomorrow, the House of Lords Communications Committee will publish a report calling for a new overarching regulatory framework so that digital services are held accountable to an enforceable set of shared principles.  The report states that big tech companies are not doing a good enough job of protecting consumers – and that it’s time for the regulators […]

New Google Cloud Security Services From Vectra

Following last week’s news that Google is now rolling out several new cloud security services, Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra, has put together some commentary looking at what primary security concerns enterprises have as they move more workloads and data to the cloud as well as what the current state of security looks like […]

February 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Coinhive Quits While Still At The Top

Check Point’s researchers confirm Coinhive holds the top position in February’s Top Malware index for 15th successive month before it shut down, while GandCrab distribution campaigns increase  Check Point Research,  the Threat Intelligence arm of Check Point, has published its latest Global Threat Index for February 2019. The index reveals that Coinhive has once again led the Global Threat Index for the 15th consecutive month, despite […]