Cyber Liability Insurance – How MSPs Can Ensure They Follow The Right Protocols For Protection

The number of data breaches and the level of cyber-attacks are continuing to rise. According to Absolute Market Insights “it is estimated that over the next five years, cybercrime could potentially cost companies US$ 5.2 trillion every year.” In line with this growth, we are seeing an escalating interest in cyber liability insurance. recently found that the […]

How To Overcome 3 Key Challenges Of Shared Responsibility In The Cloud

The cloud is changing the nature of business with a powerful approach to streamlining operations and staying current with the latest technology. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. In this case, that responsibility breaks down into two sides: cloud vendors and the companies that use them. Cloud service providers are […]

New Phishing Attack Copies Google Chrome Address Bar To Dupe Users

A relatively simple exploit in Chrome for mobile has been discovered and called ‘inception bar’. The attack allows for a site to spoof a URL in the mobile version of Chrome when scrolling, subsequently locking them into a false UI.   Chrome inception bar phishing method replaces real address bar with a fake one: Chrome is one of the most […]

What Are The Barriers To A Cashless UK?

Expose Credit Card Data

In many ways, the UK is progressing towards becoming a cashless society. Despite this, there is a range of barriers threatening to undermine the UK’s ability to fully embrace this transition. From a lack of trust in new technology to a sentimental connection to existing payment methods, these barriers must be both identified and overcome […]

Google Elimination Of Major Android App Developer From Its Store

Unleash Exploit kits Increased up 75 %

Google has removed 100 applications with 600 million installs from its store after an investigation into a major Chinese app developer. The applications contained adware and forced users into click fraud.  Chinese app with 600 Million downloads is ban by Google from Play store. Google is removing apps of a Chinese android app developer DO […]

Atlassian Confluence Server Vulnerability

 Trend Micro and Alert Logic are speaking about a critical Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability that is being remotely exploited by attackers to compromise both Linux and Windows servers, allowing them to drop GandCrab ransomware and the Dofloo (aka AES.DDoS, Mr. Black) Trojan.   Attackers are exploiting a critical Atlassian Confluence Server #vulnerability, infecting Linux and Windows servers with the infamous GandCrab […]

Exposed Database Reveals Details Over 80 Million US Households

It has been reported that the addresses and demographic details of more than 80 million US households are listed on an unsecured database stored in the cloud. The details listed include names, ages and genders as well as income levels and marital status. The researchers have been unable to identify the owner of the database, which is still […]

Majority Of Businesses Vulnerable To ‘Island Hopping’ Cyberattacks

China and Japan amongst those with least knowledge about their partners’ security practices, with the US and Germany amongst those at the top    New research from Accenture’s Technology Vision 2019 report has found that 7 in 10 businesses may be particularly vulnerable to malicious attacks through their ecosystem. Just 29% of business and IT executives […]

How Will AI Affect Wireless Networks And Cybersecurity In 2019 And Beyond?

New PCI DSS 3.1

Artificial intelligence (AI) has huge potential for wireless networks and for the people that must protect — as well as those who try to attack — them. It’s a rapidly changing landscape, and in this article, I explain how our industry is most likely to be affected by AI this year and what’s shaping up […]

$1.75 Million Stolen By Crooks In Church BEC Attack

gov't log-ins across the Web

Hackers have stolen $1.75 million from the Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish following a successful BEC (Business Email Compromise) attack which was discovered on April 17 after payments related to the church’s Vision 2020 project were not received by a contractor.  Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools: “This incident shows that no organisation which represents a significant financial opportunity is safe […]