Leaked Billion Email Addresses

Why the Role of Network Security Engineer isn't Enough

Email verification company leaked Email addresses of almost one billion people. Last week it was estimated as 700 million but number of exposed email addresses now reached one billion.    Last week’s estimate of over 700 million leaked email addresses from may have been low. The number of leaked emails may be closer to 2 billion. […]

Magento Bug Opens 300K E-commerce Sites To Card Skimming Attacks

A critical SQL flaw that requires no authentication and may be exploited on card skimmers is identified on Magneto eCommerce solutions used by more than 300K customers. Bug leads to security risk: #skimming #security #Magento — CF Webtools (@cfwebtools) March 29, 2019 Experts Comments Below:  Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “This may lead to […]

Toyota Suffers Second Data Breach In The Last Five Weeks

Toyota announced its second data breach on Friday last week, making it the second cyber-security incident the company acknowledged in the past five weeks. While the first incident took place at its Australian subsidiary, last week’s breach was announced by the company’s main offices in Japan.    Toyota said that hackers accessed servers that stored […]

Personal Data Of 34,000 Medical Marijuana Patients Accessed In Data Breach


It was reported at the end of last week that there had been a data breach at Natural Health Services. It involves the personal health information of about 34,000 medical marijuana patients that was accessed in a data breach of an electronic medical record system used by NHS and its parent company Sunniva Inc. The NHS says patients have been informed in […]

Cyber Attack On Earl Enterprises (Planet Hollywood)

Legislation to Force Companies to Reveal Cyber Attack

It has been reported that Earl Enterprises, the parent company of Planet Hollywood has confirmed a cyber attack against its point-of-sales systems, with 2.15 million credit card details discovered on the darkweb. The PoS systems were infected by malware which extracted sensitive data including card numbers, customer names, and expiration dates, over a 10 month period. RT SonicWall "Earl Enterprises, the parent company of restaurants […]

Bridging The Gap Between Speed And Security In DevOps

A guide to keeping security at the heart of DevOps development cycles, by Josh Kirkwood, DevOps Security Lead, CyberArk Remember the famous engineering project triangle? It calls on organisations to forgo one of the following traits in exchange for a product development cycle to have the other two attributes: speed, quality and value. This essential […]

Redefining Security For The Real-Time Enterprise In 2019

Last year was a year of digital acceleration, as new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and next-gen cloud moved into the realm of reality and started to radically transform how business operations work. In particular, these technologies enable real-time insights that are changing business behaviours. Organisations are wanting to build a ‘Real-Time Enterprise’, where they can make business decisions based on […]

Debate On Gwyneth Paltrow Sharing Daughter’s Photo Online Without Consent

children's addiction to online porn

Following the news that Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter was not happy when she shared an image of her online without her consent, McAfee’s research has revealed that 72% of parents don’t even ask their child if they would like their picture to be shared online.    Other key findings include:  20% of UK parents share at least one video or […]

Gustuff Android Malware Targets 100+ Banking And 32 Cryptocurrency Apps

A previously unreported advanced banking trojan named Gustuff can steal funds from accounts at over 100 banks across the world and rob users of 32 cryptocurrency Android apps.    The threat sells for a monthly subscription of $800 and it was first spotted in April 2018. Its developer promotes it as an upgraded variant of AndyBot banking malware whose activity […]