“Ethical hackers” Beat University Cyber-Defences

“Ethical hackers” beat university cyber-defences in just two hours. As part of our experts comments series, Paul talks about the huge amount of sensitive data that universities hold, so the risk of cyber-attack is extremely high, which is why organisations need to be vigilant and ensure that they have a proactive approach when it comes to cyber security.  Ethical hackers attack […]

UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019


The DCMS today announced its 2019 Cyber Breaches Survey. The latest report highlights the threats that UK businesses face from cyber-attacks. One of the points that the report raises is that more senior managers are being updated on cyber security issues (57% of businesses do so at least once a quarter) than ever before. This is a positive […]

Arizona Beverages Ransomware Attack

Arizona Beverages was recently hit with a massive ransomware attack – yet the company has taken nearly two weeks to get back online.   This was due to outdated IT systems and servers, and means that the company is suspected to have lost millions of dollars each day it’s been offline as a result. Arizona Beverages […]

Millions Of Facebook Records Found On Amazon Cloud Servers

RBS signs up to Facebook

Millions of Facebook recordswere found to be publicly exposed on an Amazon cloud server, showing that companies haven’t done enough to protect the private data of users. In one instance, a third-party app developer exposed 540 million records on Facebook users such as identification numbers, comments, reactions and account names. Another instance left names, passwords […]