‘MuddyWater’ APT Spotted Attacking Android

It has been reported that a cyber espionage group believed to be out of Iran and known for targeting telecommunications providers and government bodies in the Middle East has added to its arsenal malware for targeting Android devices. The so-called MuddyWater hacking group, which has been in action since at least 2017, also has created new backdoor malware for spying on its […]

Hacker Breached Minnesota State Agency E-mail, Placing Data Of 11,000 At Risk

This was reported by local Minneapolis news yesterday afternoon:    A data breach last year at the Minnesota agency that oversees the state’s health and welfare programs may have exposed the personal information of approximately 11,000 individuals. The state Department of Human Services (DHS) notified lawmakers Tuesday that an employee’s e-mail account was compromised as a result […]

DHS And FBI Issue Advisory On North Korean HOPLIGHT Malware

It has been reported that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued a joint malware analysis report (MAR) on a new Trojan dubbed HOPLIGHT, used by the North-Korean APT group Lazarus. According to the MAR AR19-100A advisory published on the US-CERT website, the new Trojan was detected while tracking […]

Home Office Breach #2

The Home Office has apologised for another data breach caused by an “administrative error” – accidentally sending an email that contained personal data of EU citizens seeking settled status in the UK. It’s reported that the sender failed to use the “blind CC” box on the email.    This is the second breach reported by the Home Office this […]

House Endorsement Of Net Neutrality Only Symbolic

30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

Legislation to restore the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules passed a big hurdle Wednesday as the House of Representatives approved the bill in a 232 to 190 vote. No Democrats voted against the bill. Representative Bill Posey of Florida was the only Republican to vote in favor of it.  However, it’s far from becoming law, and faces long odds. If […]

Experts Comments: 70% Of Hotel Websites Leak Personal Data – Symantec Report

Symantec issued a report yesterday that two thirds of hotels inadvertently leak guests’ booking details and personal data to third-party sites, including advertisers and analytics companies. The study, which looked at more than 1,500 hotel websites in 54 countries that ranged from two-star to five-star properties, comes several months after Marriott International disclosed one of the worst data breaches in history. […]

Benefits Of A Cashless Society

1 in 3 employees will sell company data for cash

Our spending behaviour in the UK is certainly far different from what it once was. After all, how often do you now purchase goods and services using cash or coins? For many of us, physical currency is proving to be a thing of the past. In an age of rapidly increased digitalisation, our spending habits have followed a […]