e Gobblerr Malvertising Campaign Using A Chrome iOS Bug

Building a Chrome Extension

An eGobbler malvertising campaign leveraging a Chrome vulnerability that is targeting iOS users has been discovered by security researchers at Confiant.  Hackers exploiting unpatched #Chrome bug to target 500M #iPhone users More: https://t.co/7NF7XSowsx#Security #Google #Bug #Vulnerability #Apple #eGobbler — Hackread.com (@HackRead) April 17, 2019 Mike Bittner, Digital Security and Operations Manager at The Media Trust:   “While some researchers have found […]

Google To Police New App Developers More Closely

Police skimming the surface of cybercrime

It has been reported that android developers new to Google’s phone platform could have publication of their apps delayed for days as more rigorous checks are done on coders.Google said it was stepping up checks on app-makers it had not seen before to thwart “bad faith” developers. These malicious developers often create new accounts to avoid Google’s checks, it said. Others […]

Response Comment: Google Hit By Global Login Outage

Google experienced a global outage last night, preventing users from logging in to the company’s many applications, including Gmail and Google Docs and any site that allows access via a Google account.   Google hit by global login outage affecting Gmail and Google Docs https://t.co/K6JdajEmoy — The Guardian (@guardian) April 17, 2019 How vulnerable it […]

Nominet Reaction To Cisco Report Into State Of World’s DNS

Following the Cisco report released yesterday, Nominet – the organisation responsible for the .UK domain – has issued the following statement about the safety of the UK domain’s DNS, and has also offered advice for businesses:   Cath Goulding, Head of Cyber Security at Nominet:   “From a .UK perspective, Nominet has taken steps to ensure that the country’s top-level domain and DNS is secure from […]

Adult Sites’ New Age Verification Checks

Children Believe Everything they Read Online

Online pornography age checks are going to be mandatory in UK from 15th July but there are number of ecurity implications around this and the possibility of cybercriminals creating fraudulent age verification processes in order to access the personal information of unsuspecting Brits.    Twitter Reaction:   The UK’s age verification system for online pornography will become mandatory […]

NEWS: State-Backed “Sea Turtle” Hacker Group Hijacking Government Website Domains For Entire Countries

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News broke overnight on how the state-backed “Sea Turtle” hacker group is hijacking government domains for entire countries.    Cyberspies Hijacked the Internet Domains of Entire Countries – A mysterious new group called Sea Turtle targeted 40 organizations https://t.co/BGbbPBmLkP via @WIRED #cybersecurity #cyberattacks #hacking #hackers — Alexander von Witzleben (@AlexWitzleben) April 18, 2019 In brief, the hackers would change the […]

UK Government’s Third Email Privacy Blunder In 2 Weeks

Flawed Email Archiving Presidential Campaign

UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport shared the contact details of 300 journalists, allowing their addresses to be seen by other people. This is the third government email blunder in the past two week’s following the Home Office’s use of CC rather than BCC when emailing EU citizens, and individuals involved in receiving compensation […]