Swiss Swish Bish – Runway Sweeper Seller Sabotaged

Aebi Schmidt, Swiss manufacturer of the vehicles that clean and makes runways worldwide safe for planes to land on, has been hit by ransomware, systems going down across company networks following the attack. Manufacturing operations connected to the network were rendered unresponsive, forcing workers to be sent home.  Aebi Schmidt issues statement and acknowledges some malware problems, […]

42% Of Used Drives Sold On eBay Hold Sensitive Data: Study

A new report from Blancco Technology Group has warned that those looking to make some money by selling used storage drives may be putting themselves at risk of falling victim to cybercrime. As detailed in Privacy for Sale: Data Security Risks in the Second-Hand IT Asset Marketplace, Blancco, in conjunction with Ontrack, analysed 159 leading brand drives purchased through […]

Travelling Secure – The Importance Of Privacy When Commuting

We’ve all heard of travelling light but what about travelling secure? Business not doing so well? Sales down? Margins are tight? No company would want their competitors or members of the public to know any of this information, but many of us would  talk about it or write confidential emails about it in public, without […]