Microsoft’s Latest Password Policy Announcement Is A Step In The Right Direction

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

Microsoft has admitted that having passwords expire is not a useful security measure. The company announced that it will be dropping its Windows policy that requires users to periodically change their login password as a result. You can see the full story here.    I thought I was the only one that changed my password by one […]

Spyware In The IoT – This Year’s Biggest Security Threat

Malware is everywhere, infecting nearly one third of all computers in the world today. It’s ready to do damage to you, your computer or your data in ways that seem to be limited only by the dark ingenuity of hackers. Ransomware, a form of malware, can lock your files or allow hackers to threaten and […]

UK Businesses Bullish With Data Governance

In the world of data governance, the only certainty is uncertainty. Headline regulations such as GDPR have been keeping CEOs up at night since 25th May 2018. However, while all are bound by GDPR’s legislation – none are more scared of ICOs wielding their newfound power than biggest organisations. Arguably these have more to lose, […]

Beapy Cryptojacking Malware On The Rise

Attacks on the Trust Provided by Keys and Certificates

Researchers have discovered a spike in Beapy, a variant of malware that is using leaked National Security Agency (NSA) exploits to spread across corporate networks and force computers to run its cryptocurrency mining capabilities. The malware was first discovered in January and it has currently infected 12,000 devices across 732 organisations.    Beapy relies on an employee opening […]

Cybercriminals Moving From Consumers To Businesses

Current and Secure

Malwarebytes has published a Q1 report finding that cybercriminals have switched tactics to focus on business targets, moving away from directly targeting consumers. Overall threats to businesses rose by 200% year-on-year, with detections of Emotet targeting organisations rising 200% since Q4. Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO at Bromium: “Hackers have become much more resourceful, investing time and money to develop new tactics […]

New PSD2 Rules Could Lose Retailers £60bn

cyber war

With news that the retail industry could stand to miss out on £60 billion of sales from new PSD2 rules coming out in September, Mitek’s EMEA MD Rene Hendrikse comments on the need for retailers to invest in anti-fraud technologies to combat this issue and secure online transactions – sooner rather than later.    The new rules on ‘strong customer authentication’ will […]

Intentionally Insecure: Poor Security Practices In The Cloud

So far this year, there have been five documented cases of organisations exposing their private data due to misconfigured S3 buckets or cloud databases. Wait, let’s fix that: due to intentionally configured S3 buckets and cloud databases. The distinction is important. In order to allow the kind of access necessary for unauthorised users to view […]

AT&T Cybersecurity Study Reveals Perception Vs Reality Of Cyberthreats

At the RSA conference last month, AT&T Cybersecurity took the opportunity to speak to over 700 attendees about their perception of cyberthreats and how security is viewed within the organisation. The full study, entitled “Confidence: the perception and reality of cybersecurity threats” and authored by security advocate Javvad Malik, has shown key findings that: Large […]

55% Of SMBs Would Pay Up Post-Ransomware Attack

It has been reported that 55% of small and medium businesses  (SMBs) would pay up if they were hit by a ransomware attack. The number jumps to 74% among larger SMBs with 150 to 250 employees, as stated in the AppRiver Cyberthreat Index for Business Survey. Nearly 40% went so far as to say they “definitely” would pay the ransom, […]