885 Million Sensitive Records Exposed By First American

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Brian Krebs broke the news late Friday that Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First American exposed approximately 885 million sensitive records because of a bug in its website. The news has been picked up by various business media.   Krebs reported that the company’s website was storing and leaking bank account numbers, statements, mortgage […]

Beyond Boundaries: Smartphone Security Borderless Society

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With greater connectivity, comes a greater risk.    This can be a cause of concern and stress for many of us. In a world that expects us to be connected anywhere and at any time, we often fail to understand that this means we are also at risk – everywhere and at all times.    As our […]

Only 1% Of Cybercrimes Prosecuted

A recent report from Richard Breavington, a partner at RPC, found that 1% of cybercrimes are prosecuted, from the 17,900 reported cases of computer hacking last year.   Analysis of figures for cybercrime & its reporting conducted by City law firm shows 75% rise in the occurrence of cybercrime between 2017 & 2018 yet less than 1% of […]

A Year After GDPR, What Has Changed?

It’s been almost a year since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed into law. And although European Elections and Brexit are continuing to dominate the news agenda, this anniversary is not one to be overlooked. DLA Piper recently put together a report uncovering fresh insight on GDPR. At the heart of this […]

Implications Of Preceptics’ Hack

Preceptics, a company that provides license plate readers, license plate recognition systems and vehicle identification products has been hacked and the consumer information gleaned from that hack is being offered on the Dark Web for free.  A company responsible for providing the US government with technology to read license plates has been hacked. #Hack https://t.co/n69II0Gg2r — Sarah […]