University Research Programmes Under Threat From Cyber Attacks

Hackers exploit lack of IT investment to target scientific, medical, economic and defence research   In 93 percent of cases, research programmes have been commissioned directly by UK government sources, with almost a third of research in the interests of national security  One in 10 respondents ‘strongly agree’ a successful attack on their research could have a harmful impact on the lives of UK citizens  One in […]

Multiple WordPress Vulnerabilities Identified – Security Expert Comment

Researchers are warning of flaws in three WordPress plugins – Slick Popup, WP Live Chat Support and WP Database Backup – including one that remains unpatched.  WordPress plugin Slick Popup has 7,000 active installs and provides a tool for displaying the Contact Form 7 as a popup on WordPress websites. However, researchers with Wordfence said that they […]

NYS Data Breach Notification Legislation

The Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Handling (SHIELD) Act is expected to be passed shortly in the New York State Senate that would update the state’s data breach notification law to cover more personal information and compel firms to disclose ransomware infections and more. The legislation would also extend to businesses that holds […]

Nonprofit People Inc. Suffer Data Breach Impacting Thousands

People Inc. is Western New York’s largest nonprofit, serving more than 12,000 individuals. Nearly 1,000 current and former clients of People Inc. have been notified of a security breach that may have exposed their personal identification information as well as personal health information. The nonprofit agency, which serves both older adults and individuals with developmental and intellectual […]

Vulnerability Leaves Container Images Without Password

It has been reported that a old vulnerability in Alpine Linux containers has spread and propagated to as much as 20% of the containers on the Docker Store.Nearly one in five of the most popular containers available on the Docker store have no password for root access.The finding is important because containers, most frequently with Docker as the container manager, are becoming […]

Nearly All Businesses Victims Of Phishing Attacks

Nearly all businesses have suffered some form of phishing attack during the past year, according to new reports.  Research from Mimecast found that 94 per cent of organisations experienced either phishing or spear phishing attacks in the past 12 months – which for half of them was an increase on the previous year.  Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools: […]