Major Hotel Chains’ Security Systems Exposed In Pyramid Hotel Group Data Leak (Marriott, Plaza, other chains may be impacted)


In response to news that of a major Security Platform Leaking Hotel Security Logs, Including Marriott Properties, an expert with Cequence Security offers perspective. Ameya Talwalkar, Co-founder and CPO at Cequence Security: Leaving applications that store sensitive information open to the Internet because of policy mismanagement or misconfiguration is a growing problem as cloud adoption […]

Chinese Database Exposes 42.5 Million Records From Dating Apps

It has been reported that tens of millions of records about users of different dating apps have been discovered in a single database with no password protection. About 42.5 million records were exposed. Dating logs made up 38.3 million records, while 3.87 million consisted of “geonames.” Records were discovered by researcher Jeremiah Fowler, and were mostly about American users, based […]

How Voice Biometrics Can Combat The Rise In Stolen Fingerprints

A marketplace for stolen “digital fingerprints” has recently emerged, with research highlighting that criminals are selling comprehensive digital histories  of more than 60,000 individuals. Identity theft has risen to nearly 500 victims a day in the UK and the fact that it is at its highest levels ever is proof that enterprises, organisations and institutions […]

Meet HiddenWasp, The New Malware Strain Targeting Linux Systems

Security researchers have found a new strain of Linux malware that appears to have been created by Chinese hackers and has been used as a means to remotely control infected systems. Named HiddenWasp, this malware is composed of a user-mode rootkit, a trojan, and an initial deployment script. Newly discovered HiddenWasp Linux malware shares similarities with […]

Dating App Scammers Spotted By AI

Scams on dating sites and apps were hard to tackle because they were usually not large campaigns and were not generated automatically. Profiles of fakes and scammers used more images and “emotive language”. The common words employed were “caring”, “passionate” and “loving”. The system was trained using almost 15,000 profiles from the free Dating ‘N […]

Cyber Essentials 5yrs On, Uncertain Future For Overachieving Scheme

Cyber Essentials will turn five in a couple of days (first launched on 5th June 2014).  Expert Comments:  Andy Kays, Technical Operations Director at Redscan: “In five years, the Cyber Essentials scheme has achieved a lot, despite also being an extremely modest standard for security. “Cyber Essentials strikes a balance between security and practicality. It […]

Tripwire Report: 1 In 4 Organisations Breached Because Of Unpatched Vulnerabilities

United Airlines breach

New findings evaluate how organisations are managing vulnerability risks Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organisations, today announced the release of a new report on vulnerability management trends. The survey, conducted by Dimensional Research in May 2019, included responses from 340 infosecurity professionals.   Tripwire evaluated […]

The Role Of Biometrics In A Post-GDPR World

Lumidigm Technology

Cast your mind back to April last year. Your inbox filled with email marketing from services and newsletters you signed up to over the years asking you to re-subscribe to their mailing lists – and it’s likely you took the opportunity to unsubscribe to many. This was the first time the general population had been […]